Gareon Conley Saw His Playing Time Reduced Again On Sunday

One of the conversations you read about last week was the status of Gareon Conley. Some took issue with the suggestion that Conley might be slipping down the depth chart.

For whatever reason, Conley was taken off the field to close out the Cleveland game and his playing time took an even greater hit this week with the return of Daryl Worley from a four-game suspension. Somewhat lost in the disappointing loss to the Chargers was the fact that Conley played only 13 snaps in the game – which was less than Worley (49), Rashaan Melvin (40), Leon Hall (39), and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (19).

So yes, there’s officially something going on with Conley and the problem has extended into it’s second week. To this point, there has been no mention of an injury and Conley has not been listed on the injury report. Maybe Jon Gruden or Paul Guenther will publicly address his playing time this week, but Conley is clearly either injured or not in good standing with the coaching staff – both of which happened to be the case last year with Del Rio’s group.

Considering how bad things seem to be right now for Gruden and company, Conley’s status is just another drop in the bucket for a coaching staff that is at a critical point in keeping the team engaged. With so many veterans on the roster, it’s fair to wonder how many will be content to take a check and ride off into the night. For guys like Conley, though, it’s going to a challenge to keep the vibe positive while he’s buried on the depth chart.

Going into the season, Conley was expected to be one of the few Pro Bowl level performers on Guenther’s defense. Right about now it looks like there might not be any.

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30 thoughts on “Gareon Conley Saw His Playing Time Reduced Again On Sunday

  1. The Raiders are tanking. There is no other reason for some of these decisions. Trade our best player, get rid of any backup for Carr that knows the offense. That way there’s no excuse to keep Carr out there even though he must be color blind with how he throws the ball directly to the other team. We don’t give the ball to our beast when we need 1 yard. 3 times now. Don’t get me started on clock management. TANKING

    1. So so right. I have come to that conclusion after seeing Carr through three picks in the end zone. I know something has to give and I think it’s me. There is no way we will win another game with Gruden calling the plays and Carr not checking into a beast mode one yard run.

  2. The tanking started the minute Gruden was given control of player personnel decisions. Otherwise a lot of players who produce would still be here. We have a team of aging veterans who “in it for me” and a bunch of draft picks who have no work ethic. Carr is a decent QB, just not a franchise QB. It starts and ends with bad coaching and worse personnel moves. There will be no recovery from it this year, or next year. Mark Davis made the biggest mistake the Raiders have ever made by hiring Gruden. He’s completely out of touch with football of 2018.

    1. You really think it was an immediate improvement with the hand Gruden was dealt with?

      You think keeping Mack would solve all the issues and holes on this team.

      Anyone who really believes that are dumber than they look.

      1. Gruden gets paid 100 million and is expected to win no excuses, you dump your best player, bench all the young players for a bunch of over the hill veterans, your play calling and clock management is suspect at best, you cant motivate your players to play 4 quarters of football and your team is an embarrassment. Hum? wonder if this would work for the average Joe working for a company making $50,000 a year.
        No it would not and if Gruden dose not bring some kind of respectability to this team “WINS” he should be fired.

    2. Couldnt agree more… this is getting old week to week year to year decade to decade. Why is it we have different coaches different systems and yet we have the same issues!? Bloddy hell we went from a young team with a bright future to a bunch of old farts on one to two year deals that strike fear into no one. The one man we had that did strike fear and said i deserve to be paid ( which he did! ) gets jettisoned. And after all that what do you do with the great young talent karl joseph and Gareon Conley? Bench them or not give them playing time. Dont get me going on the fact that turning amari into the next tim briwn was a subject last summer and yet to see that as well. Amari gets forgotten infact i was so mad yesterday it was a third and long recievers spread. I told my wife 5 bucks says he dumps it to jalen.. boom i would have won 5 bucks! Thsi checkdown chip away stuff is crap. Vent over.. go raiders! Lets start get rid of davis and chucky can go and take lloyd christmas with you.

    3. I do agree, but tanking???? No,the Raiders is just a product of bad coaching ran by an ego driven coach

  3. I hope they are tanking because we needs some players. If we got the #1 we could trade away for a kings ransom and maybe get a better deal than we did for Mack. We have multiple needs to be a contender.

    1. Here we go again another year in the tank. Raider nation is getting tired of this year after year.

  4. Arguably it can be said that in Carr and Mack one was the heart of the team, the other, the soul. When you rip ying away from yang you breed disfunction. The Raiders were to have one of the two top offensive lines in the league. ( don’t give me that b.s., yeah what about injuries) You bring in a new(old) line coach in Cable…disaster!!!…He was horrible in Seattle as a coach…Russell Wilson had to run for his life the past three years. This was and is all about an over the hill ego in Gruden wanting to put his stamp on this team. He never liked the idea of anyone having a higher profile/notability on the team than him. And Mack stood in his ego way. He’s trying to run out any remnants of a Reggie McKenzie team…Doing that with Conley now. He would Carr if he could…but he is stuck with him because of contract.

    1. As disrespectful it would be to all of Raider Nation, tanking is the only reasonable explanation for the decisions that this coaching staff are making. There’s NO reason Reggie Nelson should be playing another down, why would you acquire DRC if you’re just going to delegate him to special teams, why hasn’t Carr been benched yet, why has Karl Joseph been benched and now Conley, and who is calling the plays. Don’t get me started on the Khalil Mack trade. Gruden appears to have come back to ruin our beloved Raiders, because there could be no other reasonable explanation.

  5. I’m finally fed up with Derek Carr. I’ve been behind him all along. But as he continued to slip I finally realized he is the main problem. How many interceptions has he thrown in the end zone to stop drives that we should have scored on? I really don’t know the number but I know it is a lot. We could have won at least 2 more game Denver for one and maybe even the Rams, we had them on the rope. After he broke his leg 2 years ago he is afraid to get hit. We need to move the chains, Sunday he pulled down and started to run to left and saw a defender coming and slid way short of a first down and it looked to me after I played it back a couple times if he would have just headed to the first down marker and took a hit I believe he would have got the first down. That’s how he played in 16. If you are a QB you have to take them chances if you WANT TO WIN!!! I think he is Chicken ****!! I know it’s to late but instead of wasting all that money on him, we should have signed Mack.

  6. If they are going to tank. Blow this thing all the way up with a fire sale. Get rid of Carr, Jackson, KO, Hudson, Conley, and get more draft picks, and sign FA to replace them and finish the season.

  7. Its funny this idiot self proclaimed himself as Conley Island….Bitch…Your more like fantasy island! Your playing like your Tatu. You suck Conley….but yet you run that cocktrap saying how great you are and how your a shutdown corner! Only thing your shutting down is your next contract which will more than likely be with a different team hopefully! You are a clown! We should have never taken you in the draft! White would have been the better pick and would have made an immediate impact! Instead we paid you for two less than stellar games last year only to have you suck *** this year. And calling the fan bums because we got pissed after you guys lost for the 15 millionth time since 2002….well mother ******….Blow me! I’ve been a Raiders fan since you were swimming in your dads ballsack whoever he is…You probably don’t even know!

  8. Simply Carr and Gruden stealing from dopey Mark Davis . Why would anyone want that egoistic blow hard Gruden as coach . His staff sucks too. Traded away the best player on the team for unknown garbage . Reggie’s drafts picks the worse . I cringed when Davis begged for Gruden . Why ? Another lost year and more to follow . Carr stop making excuses . You are a quality person by not a top Qb. Give your money back

  9. The one thing I see is that Jon Gruden is not a defensive coach, never has been never will be. Mark Davis is following in his fathers footsteps, when it works change it.

  10. I agree with the majority grudene is running the same offence he ran in 98 he don’t like to coach young players he lazy I am getting tired of watching that bs I am paying direct to see this shitime in Texas

  11. Gruden gets paid 100 million and is expected to win no excuses, you dump your best player, bench all the young players for a bunch of over the hill veterans, your play calling and clock management is suspect at best, you cant motivate your players to play 4 quarters of football and your team is an embarrassment. Hum? wonder if this would work for the average Joe working for a company making $50,000 a year.
    No it would not and if Gruden dose not bring some kind of respectability to this team “WINS” he should be fired.

  12. If Mark Davis doesn’t take away personnel decisions from Gruden the Raiders May never recover. Gruden took a team that went 12-4 two seasons ago and blew it up. He traded away the best defender in Raiders history just when he was entering his prime. He either cut or refuses to play the young talent that was picked by McKenzie. Instead he plays old vets on their last legs that can’t last four quarters. Gruden’s ego far exceeds his coaching ability. His offense would be OK if he quit calling two yard pass plays on third and nine. I love this team but if Davis doesn’t get off his *** and fix these issues we are screwed.

  13. Heres another take. He traded Mack because he already saw Conley and Joseph were not caliber of players….or doesnt want any RM pick to have any success so he can rid himself of RM. So set carr up to throw picks, bench the last guys left. Or we are tanking so bad even Tank carradine couldn’t be involved..

  14. It’s not all on Carr though he does bare SOME of the responsibility. Examine the pressure he faces in the pocket as opposed to the pressure the opposing qb faces. Carr is constantly under extreme pressure and is undoubtedly amongst the most sacked qbs in the league, not to mention just how much he is “touched” without actually being sacked. On the other end of that spectrum the opposing qbs we face are NEVER under ANY consistent pressure. They hardly ever get a finger laid on them, thus making it extremely difficult to execute our offense and extremely easy for the opposition to execute theirs. That stacks the deck against your team winning many games from the outset. Having said that lets get back to the subject of this discussion being Conely. Dude is DJ Hayden 2.0 and Melvin is no better. What do they have as far as picks, 2 between the 2 of them? And the one Conely got wasn’t because he played tight coverage, he was just in the place where the ball ended up after it went thru the hands of the receiver! Other than that dude has just been getting beat constantly! Honestly they were better off with as much as it pains me to say this, Hayden and Smith. This team is completely inept in every aspect of the game except for the run in which they’re just above mediocre and the only reason for that is because Lynch is out there putting in work. Getting back to Carr, if any of you faced 4-5 270+ lb defensive tackles constantly coming at you in just matter mere seconds(think about the scheme design of the offense, designed for him to get rid of the ball in 2-3 seconds) and he doesn’t even get that time, what do you expect? It’s not all him, it’s the entire team….

  15. Whomever is at fault for the last 18’19 years….****, Carr had me fooled…nothing but happy feet in the pocket..west coast dink n dunk doesn’t work in 2018…linebackers can move fast now Jon, look at the tape more than the mirror….sooo bummmmed

  16. This is sad. If I pull up a post from 2008, the complaints and overly thought out jokes would be the same. Sucky management ( The Older, Al Davis, Current owner Mark Davis), Sucky Drafts by McKenzie
    Bad to mediocre Quarterback play. ( Andrew Walter, Jamarcus Russell, Duante Culpeper, Derek Carr.)
    Face it guys, we suck ***!

    Carr is not elite.

  17. Why is it no one is talking about this o line we have 2 rookie tackles starting being our blind side tackle and moving Donald penn out of his natural position and instead of drafting positions of need in 17 or taking a top talent player we trade down for a receiver and tackle Bryant who we released and the tackle who is penalized more than the good he does its plain and simple reggie was rebuilding Gruden is destroying his team to rebuild his own the plan is to get top pick for nick bosa or ed Oliver

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