News On Gareon Conley’s Legal Status Expected Within The Next Two Weeks

Summer is officially in session in the NFL. Over the next six weeks, every team in the league will gladly welcome their players staying out of the public eye.

The Raiders, on the other hand, are already aware they’ll be in the news – they’re just hoping the legal news on first-round pick Gareon Conley is good news.

Conley, whom the Raiders drafted knowing a sexual assault allegation was looming, is still waiting to find out if he’ll be cleared or if the case will move forward to a potential trial. Based on his lawyer’s anticipated timeline (which he offered just over six weeks ago), the Raiders and Conley should expect information within the next two weeks.

From a football standpoint, Conley isn’t likely to miss significant time during his rookie season regardless of the prosecutor’s decision. Since the NFL can’t punish Conley (assault allegations occurred before he was drafted), the former Ohio State standout will likely be available to the Raiders until a verdict is reached – which wouldn’t realistically happen before the season’s end.

The Raiders, of course, are hoping Conley’s case will be closed long before they are forced to answer difficult questions regarding his status with the team.

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