Glazer: “I’d Be More Worried About Gruden” Than Carr

National NFL insider Jay Glazer did a question and answer session this week in The Athletic and was asked whether the Raiders should be concerned about the future with Derek Carr at quarterback. It’s been an up and down start for Carr under Jon Gruden, but Glazer believes Carr has already proven himself and the responsibility is on his head coach to bring it out again.

Via The Athletic, this was Glazer’s synopsis on the Carr/Gruden pairing:

“I’d be more worried about Gruden than I would be about Carr. I think Derek Carr has already proven that he can play at a very high level. Sometimes, certain coaches come in and try to fit square pegs in round holes. Gruden has a system he’s forcing on Carr rather than molding it more around where Carr’s strengths are.

Plus, I really don’t understand what Gruden was doing with Khalil Mack. Gruden said Mack didn’t want to play there. That’s like when your kid gets mad at you and says ‘don’t ever talk to me again’ and you take him seriously. It’s not like you’re never going to talk to your kid ever again. It was incredible that, not only did he let Mack go, but he continues to complain about the team’s lack of pass rushers. He’s absolutely coming off as out of touch. Gruden needs to change from a brand back into a coach.”

Obviously, Glazer isn’t impressed with the Raiders body of work to this point in the season, but it’s worth noting that they’ve mostly outplayed their opponents through three quarters in all three games. The issue every week has been the final quarter.

If Gruden and Carr (and obviously the whole team) can figure out how to finish games instead of handing them over at the end, the unpleasant narrative around both quarterback and coach will turn in a hurry. As for the Mack trade, that one’s going to sting for a while regardless of what happens on the field – especially if he hauls in another defensive player of the year award… which it looks like he will.

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10 thoughts on “Glazer: “I’d Be More Worried About Gruden” Than Carr

  1. They were 6 and 10 last year, they have an old slow running back, no real star on offense and that’s the unit that scores points. There average everywhere at best . This is hardly the coaches fault Jay perhaps your brain is getting to cold bullet head! Let him get a horses and if he blows it then . Let him have it ok baldy

    1. Give Gruden a chance , The Raiders are close it won’t happen over night as for the Mack trade I love Mack but he did the right thing 141 Million Dollars is too much also I would not have paid Derek Carr 135 Million I would have sent them both packing

  2. What you all fail to realize here is this-
    D.Carr came from the “WAC-conference” he never played against Tier-1 competition- until he faced USC in the Bowl game!!
    What did he do- Yes choke & throw picks like he is now!! We rewarded this happy feet clown with all that money?? For what?? What has he proved?? That he gets hurt & stays hurt when we need him to suck it up & step up & run & use his so called athletic ability to get out of trouble & help his O’line out?? The money we used to pay him- could have been used for a real-star “K’Mack”.
    Now we are stuck with “Chuck’ee” out of touch clown. What has he done??
    He didn’t win that super bowl- that was “Tony Dungy’s Team” he built that. Of course the Smart Raiders didn’t change there play book & our Starting center goes Awol before the game. So “Chuck’ee” is absolute garbage. Why isn’t any talking about what the “Buy-Out” for his contract is??
    Dump his *** at the end of the year & lets go pay “Harbaugh- from Michigan or D. Shaw from Stanford”..Pay guys who know how to coach & are in tune with 2018 Atheletes.

  3. Gruden isn’t the problem. He doesn’t have the talent he needs to have the Raiders play at a high level. Reggie Nelson stays on the field due to a lack of depth. I don’t think Reggie Nelson will be back next season.
    The Mack trade had to be done, Gruden is getting ready for Vegas simple as that. Can’t have to max contract guys on a team that lacks talent in all phases, I am with Gruden there. Mack was great, but their is no I in team, and Mack wouldn’t have the numbers he has on this team.
    Carr definitely needs to worry. He has 2Td”s and 5 picks in 3 games. He also looks tenitive in the pocket, is that because psychologicaly he isn’t over his broken leg?
    Oakland can get out of his contract after this season and draft another QB and save even more cap space if Carr continues to struggle.

  4. Ya know, with the very mediocre roster they have, it’s a wonder how they’ve managed to “win” the first 3 quarters of every game thus far. It’s not like Jon has inherited a stacked team and run them into the ground. He inherited a giant pile of garbage draft busts and made them look A LOT more competent than they did last year. Somehow they’ve been able to dominate team through about 3 quarters, but run out of gas in the end. It’s not like they’ve been dominated for 4 quarters of every game. They just need to absolutely nail the next off-season; bringing in some top-tier free agents and have a successful draft, for once in 4 yrs!

  5. Carr is better than a tier 3 QB. Most agree he’s a tier 2, working on being a tier 1. Gruden needs to stay aggressive in the 4th quarter. They have been sitting on slim 4th quarter leads for 3 games now. That’s how Jon used to get it done in 98. But you need a defense that can close for that strategy to work and you need a lot more than a 10 point lead in today’s NFL.
    I have faith Jon will eventually figure this out, but not before it’s too late to make the playoffs in 2019. Oakland needs to get younger and more talented defensively. They can roll with Carr if they improve the team around him. As good as Dan Marino was, he never won a championship because Miami never built a team good enough. Carr is no Marino, but he has the tools. He just needs help. Besides, Jeff Hostetler, Joe Flacco, Mark Rypien and Trent, freakin’ Dilfer ALL have Superbowl rings, thus proving a QB doesn’t need to be elite to win a championship. It’s the team’s job to win the Superbowl, not the quarterback. The Raiders need a team and that includes a head coach who is in touch with modern football.

  6. Johnathen are you crazy as crazy csn be? No real star please DC Cooper whole offense line. And old and slow back. What game you been trolling? Problem lies in the 4th quarter on finishing games. We have lead all 3 games till late 3rd and 4th. Gotta finish games 💪

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