Glazer: Last Two Weeks “Out Of The Norm” For Antonio Brown

It’s been a strange two weeks for Antonio Brown. Between the outdated helmet and his frozen feet, Brown has dominated the news for none of the reasons he (or his team) would prefer.

The question now is, will this be the new “normal” for AB and the Raiders?

Hopefully not, and according to league insider Jay Glazer, even former teammates of Brown were surprised by how the past couple weeks played out.

From Glazer, via The Athletic:

The whole Antonio Brown deal, even if you talk to the Steelers, which is the camp I just left, they all say Antonio worked harder than anyone else, he’d fight you in two seconds, he’s one of the scrappiest guys in the NFL.

But I think they and others around the league are kind of looking at this thinking, even for Antonio, this is a lot. This is out of the norm for him. When he locks in on something, he’s going to fight it out, but this is just an odd fight. Even for him, this was extreme.

It’s worth noting that while Brown’s tenure with the Steelers did come to a bumpy end, he brought relatively little drama over the majority of his nine years in Pittsburgh.

It’s also safe to say that a lot of the AB reports over the past week weren’t entirely factual… and apparently neither will be the $40k lawsuit filed against Brown by the chef that never actually cooked for him…


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