Gruden: Raiders Won’t Have A Pure Free Safety

When it comes to their safeties, the Raiders have a lot to figure out in the months ahead.

The new coaching staff apparently doesn’t know what to think of Karl Joseph and Jon Gruden already seems a little discouraged by Obi Melifonwu.

There’s also been talk of Reggie Nelson playing a full-time role again after being reunited with Guenther.

Whatever happens, it may be a waste of time to split hairs between a “free” and “strong” safety in Guenther’s defense.

“We don’t play a pure free safety,” Gruden told season ticket holders in a conference call last week. “Our safeties play left and right. Bottom line is you will see Karl Joseph playing down near the line of scrimmage and in certain formations you will see him back deep in the post.”

Basically, it sounds like the Raiders are going to ask their safeties to be a little more versatile this year.

Some have wondered if Joseph might be more effective if moved to free safety next year, but based on Gruden’s comments, it may be a bit of a moot point.

Raider safeties are going to be all over the field in 2018.

You can hear the full audio of the conference call in the twitter link below…

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11 thoughts on “Gruden: Raiders Won’t Have A Pure Free Safety

  1. Even more so bringing in Eric Reid makes sense. He is more versatile then Nelson. I get that Nelson is familiar with the DC but imagine the possibilities with Joseph and Reid back there and if Obi gets his act straight… Look out! Reid is younger, more versatile, has a chip on his shoulder and would probably come in cheaper just to prove himself. Coach Gruden if your reading at least think about it. And if “Stealing from the Chiefs” is fun think about poaching from the Bay!!

    1. Not just no, HELL NO! I do not want to see wins come at the cost of having protesting one of the original protest babies on our great team ! Let him rot in a self inflicted early retirement with Kaperdick.

    2. reid would be an upgrade & would immediately be the raiders best safety…but lets pump are breaks here…this makes way to much since..and because of that the raiders and their front office will merely laugh at you!…let alone this move would give the raiders the opportunity to poke the 40 winers back in the eye for taking the left tackle they had targeted…yeah they didn”t need a tackle..but in classic winer style…they took the raiders pick…this my friends is the reason i will be happy to see the raiders head south.

  2. I agree Reid would be a great fit and definitely an upgrade over Nelson. Nelson has lost a step over the last couple of years. He is not the player he once was.

  3. The greatness of Raiders’ tradition, I believe, is what only matters is the production in the field. If we can sign Reid at veteran minimum salary, why not have him. It’s much cheaper than other safeties with equal talent, even if the team pays his fines for protest.

    I know there will be detractors, but winning cures everything. Gather the best possible players and just win, baby!

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