Gruden Says He’s “Empowering” Derek Carr To Call Plays At The Line Like Peyton Manning

One of the nice aspects of Jon Gruden’s return to the Raiders has been his willingness to speak and give meaningful information to the media and fans.

On Thursday, Gruden spoke to season ticket holders on a conference call and talked about the way he wants to run the offense this year.

His comments were particularly interesting in talking about the freedom he plans to give Derek Carr:

“When Derek was at Fresno State, he called his own plays a lot of the time at the line of scrimmage in a no-huddle offense so he’s very good at recognizing coverages, recognizing blitzes.

We’ve been working extremely hard at empowering him to play a little bit like Peyton Manning played. Get us into the best run possible, get us into the best pass play possible.

But with the coach to quarterback communication, we can help him from the sidelines and from the press box. We’re going to let him have the green light to take advantage of what he sees and at the same time, we’re going to help him whenever we can.

Don’t be surprised if you see us in the no-huddle offense a little more than you’ve seen in the past.”

For those who remember, the plan last year was to give Carr more freedom in the offense and run more no huddle, but it never seemed to happen.

Hopefully Gruden is a little more serious about the idea.

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6 thoughts on “Gruden Says He’s “Empowering” Derek Carr To Call Plays At The Line Like Peyton Manning

  1. Everything coach Gruden is doing looks and sounds awsome but will see if the players are on the dame page……looks good so far.

  2. Absolutely love this idea. Put the ball into your best player and trust him to win the game for you. Carr can be an MVP with the right guidance and trust from Gruden.

    He did it with Gannon. He will do the same with Carr.

  3. I mean it sounds good, Derrick dosent see something he likes & knows it’s not gonna work than yea change it up at the line, we want Derrick as comphy as possible, Im thinking Carr will like this offense better than Downings last year, man that was awful, never seen so many 3 & outs,

  4. Carr would never place blame, but that step back last year had a lot to do with the OC. Teams said the Raider offense was extremely predictable and anyone who watched knew that. He was also injured. This will be a big year for him.

  5. Carr does have the ability to change plays based on what he sees pre snap . He did this several times in 2016 and wound up checking into plays that resulted in touchdowns . Musgrave wasn’t always happy about it because he didn’t feel he was ready to start doing that . Derek has always been one of those QB’s that calls what the coaches tell him to call but by then he was in his 3rd year so he’d seen enough to be confident enough to change a play when he spotted a weakness in coverage . He’s a 5th year vet now and has shown enough maturity to earn the trust of a head coach. I , for one am excited to see what he can do without the training wheels on .

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