Henry Ruggs III Is the Playmaker the Raiders Offense Needed, But Bryan Edwards is the Wide Receiver That Derek Carr Has Been Missing

The Raiders knew they had to come away with a top wide receiver in the 2020 draft. It was the worst-kept secret leading up to the draft. The only thing we didn’t know was who Gruden liked most from this year’s talented group of rookie receivers.

Ultimately, Gruden went with Alabama speedster Henry Ruggs III and certainly the Raiders will have no regrets.

But the wide receiver pick that has everyone talking in training camp so far is Bryan Edwards. Not because Ruggs III hasn’t been impressive, but because players like Edwards aren’t supposed to drop to the third round and Edwards has been doing things in camp that have even the veteran players shaking their heads.

What’s especially encouraging for Edwards young career is the fact that he’s going to be paired up with Derek Carr.

Why, you ask?

Well, because the Raiders offense (and more specifically, Carr) has desperately needed a receiver like Edwards since the departure of Michael Crabtree. Not because Crabtree was a great receiver (though he was very good), but because he had the perfect skill set to pair with Carr.

Carr loved throwing the physical routes at which Crabtree excelled. The fade at the goal line, the back shoulder throw on the sideline, the 50/50 deep ball: Carr loves those throws and trusted Crabtree with all of them. Furthermore, it hasn’t looked like Carr has really trusted a receiver since Crabtree (though Hunter Renfrow is well on his way).

The one receiver Carr trusted before Crabtree was James Jones and Carr talked about Edwards to Jones on NFL Network last week.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, Bryan Edwards reminds me a lot of you James,” Carr told Jones and his brother David Carr on NFL Network’s Inside Training Camp Live on Thursday. “Obviously not as fast, right James you’re 4.3. There’s a lot of times that we were playing with that back-shoulder fade, that you and I would connect on for at least the first three weeks, until Rod [Streater] got hurt. But we were throwing the heck out of the jump balls, the back-shoulder fades, all those kinds of things.”

“He reminds me of that guy that I can trust and that guy that I can just throw that ball up to and know that he’s going to get it or no one is. And he’s done a fantastic job of proving that every day in one-on-ones, and proving it every day in our team drills. And every time I correct him or things like that, he does exactly what I ask him to do. So, the kid is special.”

Another player similar to Edwards, at least in terms of size and physical presence, was Davante Adams, who played with Carr at Fresno State. In fact, every receiver who has really exploded with Carr has owned a unique physical presence and the same is true of tight ends Jared Cook and Darren Waller, who have also had career years with Carr.

Not to underscore at all the impact Ruggs III is going to have on the Raiders offense – he’s going to be an invaluable piece of Gruden’s scheme. But don’t be surprised if Edwards is eventually the one hoarding the box scores.

Fantasy footballers take note.

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15 thoughts on “Henry Ruggs III Is the Playmaker the Raiders Offense Needed, But Bryan Edwards is the Wide Receiver That Derek Carr Has Been Missing

  1. Long ball,west coast offense its always good to see yardage gained by the air, which is always made possible due to being a great team at O lline and multidimensional with skill backfield let the autumn wind blow

  2. Ruggs, gafford , renfroe, Edwards, Waller, thats a great supporting cast for DCarr , lets get it done, i see playoffs contenders this year, and a spot in the superbowl next year, hey ,coach Gruden clamp down on them and let’s get it done

  3. I said this on day one. Edwards is a combination of Crabtree, Antonio Brown, Davante Adams, James Jones and Sterling Sharpe. Carr needs a receiver like this and Edwards is going to be a star in this league when paired up with the QB like Carr. Ruggs III on the other hand is what Cooper should’ve been. Now maybe we’ll finally have a wide receiving group as good as the 2016 group. Who would you take? The 2016 Raiders wide receivers or the 2020 Raiders wide receivers?

    1. 2020 wideouts are “definitely” more talented and have a **** ton more potential than the 2016 group. I’d take Ruggs over Cooper, Edwards over Crabtree and Renfrow over Roberts, then we still got Ty Williams, Nelson Agholor & Zay Jones, ain’t no one in the 2016 group comes close to the rest of those mentioned.

  4. If they just have patience to develop the talent now this organization is on its way to finally being in contention on a regular basis. Not just a good year here and there.

  5. All this talk about Mr Edwards abilities and his chemistry with Mr Carr is great but, I myself expect a real coming out for Mr Williams. I saw him with the Chargers when he was healthy and the only word to describe his play is”awesome” so I think with these two on the field at the same time is gonna a lot of fun watch,throw in Mr Ruggs111 and Mr Renfrow and Mr Waller.That spells a lot of trouble for any defense! GO RAIDERS!!

  6. D’ont get me wrong, I just love Josh Jacobs. But with Jalen Richards above average pass catching skills out of the backfield, coupled with Henry Ruggs III, Byron Edwards, Hunter Renfro, and Darren Waller – you will need about 7 defensive backs to cover the Raider’s lethal passing game!

  7. Please don’t leave out Jalen Richard’s superior pass catching skills along with that of Henry Ruggs III, Williams, Edwards, Renfro and Waller. Wow the defense will have to employ seven defensive backs!

  8. RNFO_ Lethal passing and runing attack with good health and an improved defense is a great cause for playoff hopes for years to come.

  9. I can’t wait to get this season started 4’reals ,brass has done a great job addressing the needs of our team ,the draft was great the free agents great now Mr Carr it’s that time do ur thang babyboi THE GREATEST NATION IS BACK RAIDER NATION BABY

  10. No excuses for Carr. Don’t forget that Crabtree was drafted higher than ruggs for a reason. There’s no comparing edwards to a niner Crabtree and I’m a raiders fan.

  11. I’m not overly familiar with this new young core of rookies but it does brew excitement for this Raiders fan

  12. Oh man. Being a life long Raiders fan I am happy to see Gruden and Maylock address the needs of my team. I know we are in a difficult division but I still believe that Raidernation can make the playoffs. The changes on offense and defense are all aiming upwards. Let’s go RAIDERNATION#1

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