Here’s Who Should Get First Consideration to be the Raiders Next Defensive Coordinator

It’s not something anyone wants to hear right now (considering the Raiders are nearly eliminated from the playoffs), but the defense under Rod Marinelli actually showed strides in the right direction on Thursday night against the Chargers.

Just days after pressuring Philip Rivers on only one play, the Raiders pressured Justin Herbert 25 times on Thursday night. According to Pro Football Focus, it was the Raiders second-best effort of the year in terms of pressuring the quarterback. Just as importantly, PFF graded this week’s game as the Raiders’ best performance against the run all year.

Where things obviously went sideways against the Chargers was the horrific play of the secondary. Trayvon Mullen had the worst game of his professional career and, unfortunately for the Raiders, Herbert made a lot of elite-caliber throws. The Raiders earned by far their worst PFF coverage grade of the year this week, which wasn’t particularly surprising considering how many defensive backs were out with injury. What was surprising, however, is that Mullen ended up being the weakest link in the secondary.

Considering how many defensive starters were out this week, wouldn’t it seem like giving up 24 points in regulation to the Chargers was fairly respectable?

Yes, the final drive in overtime was awful, but most of the botched coverages (including overtime) involved defensive backs that have been buried on the depth chart (or not even on the team) all year.

So while it’s disappointing that the Raiders probably won’t make the playoffs this year, it’s still a little early to assume Marinelli can’t be the answer to the team’s woeful defense. Paul Guenther lost any semblance of discipline with his defensive group, but that doesn’t mean the same will be true of Marinelli. The Raiders front seven defenders got back to the fundamentals this week and if Marinelli can get the secondary to do the same, he deserves to be the coordinator next year.

Add a couple more playmakers and the Raiders can definitely be respectable again (yes, it continues to be a long wait) on defense.

On a side note of sorts… the decision to pair Guenther and Marinelli was obviously not a good move. It’s at least a little suspicious that Marinelli’s defensive line struggled all year, but suddenly impressed when Marinelli was promoted to coordinator. Not saying there was sabotage of any kind, but the fit between the two coaches obviously wasn’t a good one.

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44 thoughts on “Here’s Who Should Get First Consideration to be the Raiders Next Defensive Coordinator

  1. Are you out if your **** mind! Mari Ellis has coached the D-line all year, and it’s the worst they’ve been since Gruden arrived. They were playing against a mediocre O-line and still had no Sachs. Herbert picked us apart and you’re offering praise on rushes…really! You guys are losers and continue to make excuses for losing and substandard play…give me a **** break!
    We definitely needed a new DC and a thriving head coach; that sets personal relationships aside for the good of the team Gruden makes excuses for friends and buries his professionals that don’t kiss his ***…Donald Trump of football…lol!
    Seriously…we need a complete overhaul with coaching and the entire defense with no exceptions. Mullen was exposed like all the rest on Thursday night…we need players that can ball every time and not sparingly.
    We need broad change now…happy holidays!

    1. You obviously know nothing about football, it’s a coordinators job to put his players in position to get the job done. The offense is great but needs the defense to catch up. Oh and if gruden does as good as Trump does we are in good hands. God back to your moms basement liberal.

      1. Palying was ego based in OT Gruden should be fired for his final calls at the goal line. Marriota carried the team with his play making until Gruden took the ball out of hands at the end…He has no feel for the game or play calling anymore period. End of story!!

      1. Guys, we were better simply by virtue of not playing stupidly. Guenther is a STUPID coach who is married to a failed scheme. The reason why we increased our pressures by 24 from last week is Marinelli didn’t call all those stunts which we don’t execute well. The Chiefs beat us in the second game because instead of pressuring OR containing Mahomes on his final TD pass, the DL was bumping into each other trying to execute a stunt.

  2. Why did they trade Khalil Mack? Why did they draft Ferrel with the fourth overall pick? Why do we continue to draft Ohio State cornerbacks? Why do we continue to praise Max Crosby when it takes him more than 3 seconds for every sack(ie coverage sacks)? The answer to these questions are the reason for hour subpar defense.

    If Raheem Morris does not get promoted to coach in Atlanta. He should be our next defensive coordinator.

    1. Thank you Steve may God bless you & your loved ones I’m so serious. You are real fucking raider fan cause it seems to me we are out numbered.
      RN 🤝

  3. I’m sure Marinelli is a nice guy, but they need a REAL defensive coordinator. Not more of Gruden friends. There are a few successful coordinators out there ready to hire. We need someone who will have a say in the new talent that comes in from free agency and draft picks. Because right now more of the same just won’t cut it.

    1. Rod has a great track record. This loss is not on him.

      The problem was Guenther and poor talent level at several positions.

      This game had Alot of injuries. For **** sake, both starting S and a starting CB was out. Worley, a newly signed player just this week was starting lol.

      Anybody complaining about Gruden needs to chill. This team is on the up. To get 25 pressures with this poor talent speaks volumes to rods ability to call good plays.

      This year needs to be a focus of Defense. We need a #1 Pass rusher, a slot CB, a #2 CB. Move Joyner back to his natural position, S. Depth at LB.

      Let’s see tak, Irving and Vic Beasley get more playing time together.

      Carr had a great season but if Marcus plays like he did last game the remaining 2, move on from Carr. Move on front Trent, Williams, Corey Littleton and Joyner ( if he’s not moved to S) use that $ on defense.

  4. A little better but not acceptable. Not Marienalli fault but defense needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. Main issue in all of this is John Gruden. Hes the problem. Ik sorry but he has not proven capable of turning this franchise around. …3 years in and it’s still complete chaos and no closer to making the playoffs. No acceptable and at 10 mil a year!!

    1. Complete chaos? Lol he turned this team into a top offense! Lol

      So, when the defense gets an overhaul and turns into a… say top 15.. and we’re winning games will you still be saying the same thing? Curious…

      We gave up 30+ points a game and we still may end up 9-7.

  5. get rid of every dallas football player or x coach on roster they are losers we need a fresh coach on defence maybe look in college

  6. Marinelli? Dude, you must be smokin’ meth before Christmas, HELL NO! He’s been a DC before, and we’re all sure he could’ve and probably did provide inputs and ideas to Guenther during this disaster. Also, Brentson Buckner actually had the D-Line progressing significantly and producing during his tenure as D-Line coach. Numb Nutts, I mean Gruden, fires Buckner, installs Marinelli, and the D-Line has regressed and played like crap under Marinelli’s tutelage.

  7. Marinelli and Guenther have a different philosophy. Guenther runs a complicated scheme. It was unfortunate that the players coudln’t pick it up. Marinelli runs a simplified scheme based on fundamentals. He believes in repetition at practice so that the players know their assignements. The one mistake that Marinelli made was when he cut PJ Hall, who is having a career year for the Texans, so that he can bring in his own man M. Collins. Collins failed miserably.

  8. Not only the defensive staff , with all the injuries they need to look at the strength and conditioning staff . Don’t ever remember as many injuries as the last couple years .

  9. Gruden needs 5 years. 3 down 2 to go. You don’t fire a coach that is making strides and building. However I do believe that the reason this is a 5 year plan and not 3 anymore is because of the defense that Gunther had. It will set us back. But I think, provided we hire the right DC we will compete for super bowls in 2 years. I have no doubt.

  10. Spend heavily on defense in the off season and in the draft. Give Gruden and Mayock one more season and if the defense isn’t vastly improved in 2021, and the Raiders have another late season meltdown to miss the playoffs, it’s time to send Gruden packing. (Maybe they can trade him to the Bucs again)
    Need a new DC and no more excuses, or Gruden’s obsession with certain players.

  11. I agree with a new defensive coordinator, we need someone that can teach the line how to rush, instead of straight bull rush play after play! The secondary needs to learn how to strip the ball, and instead of building a pocket for the oppositions receivers, learn how to read the qb eyes and make some interceptions. Offense? Gruden needs to get out of the 1990’s, the offense is soooo predictable, especially in the red zone! They need a fullback like beast mode for the short runs at the goal line, jacobs does not have the ability to crush the line straight ahead, he is great over the top,. I love Carr, but Gruden needs to free him up to play, he is so intent on running the plays as Gruden calls them it is killing him! If a play calls for a specific receiver, Carr might go thru progressions but only for looks, he is going to the targeted man, so many times this season he has passed by wide open receivers to hit his target, so frustrating to watch! And for the life of me, I cannot understand why they do not use Ruggs speed with deep threats, defenses cannot cover Ruggs and Agalor in the same secondary. So many teams throw long because the chances have increased dramatically with the pass interference calls! Use it!!!

  12. There are good candidates out there if Mayock/Gruden have the football smarts to pick one. The thought of retaining any defensive decision maker from this season is sickening. Let Gruden lose the cronyism and get the best talented mind where the talent they did have could actually be utilized correctly. This season was painful to watch. Letting Bruckner go was a massive mistake. Period.

  13. Wayne your to emotional bro, and wrong coaching is definitely a issue, Gunther Cunningham should have been fired last year.I don’t think they need a complete overhaul, but definitely some upgrades to Certain positions.

  14. Raiders definitely need an overhaul on Defense,, perhaps a Young mind with young and innovative ideas! D-line is mediocur on overrated. A Coach that’s not afraid to try different scheme,, also offensively, maybe Gruden need to let go of play calling, just manage the game, again a young innovative mind , a Sean Mcvay type.

  15. The Raiders are Disgusting from the coaching staff to the players.the Secondary is a disgrace they cant stay with anybody a good high school QB could eat them alive it’s a shame the grid iron back in the days have a team like this it makes me sick to my stomach.i have been a fan for 50 years an I’ve never seen a professional team play the way they play GRUDEN the game has passed u by better luck next year

  16. One of the historically poorest defenses in history has a game with better stats than average against a below average team, at home, the team still loses in 5 plays in OT, but we may have found our answer. Lol

  17. I’m afraid I may never stop laughing unless the Raiders shut out the Dolphins and we know what the chances of that happening are.

  18. Thomas Western is a moron, hate to bring in politics, but if we use the Trump analogy then any coach that worked like Trump would be on trial for murdering his players, lucky our coaches are only killing our teams and where is Trump now MIA after losing probably hanging out with hookers that he will have to pay off one day and scheming his next conspiracy of how he didn’t lose the vote. GO RAIDERS!!!

  19. Thomas Western is a moron, hate to bring in politics, but if we use the Trump analogy then any coach that worked like Trump would be on trial for murdering his players, lucky our coaches are only killing our teams and where is Trump now MIA after losing probably hanging out with hookers that he will have to pay off one day and scheming his next conspiracy of how he didn’t lose the vote. GO RAIDERS!!!

  20. I cant believe the some of the comments that I have been reading. Yes the defense is garbage, and Gruden runs the ball to much on first down. I havent heard anyone speak up for John pagano the man who took over for Ken Norton Jr who immediatly had the defense playing great. If you remember those last several games it was Derek Carr who lost all of those games. I do agree that Gruden should give up the play calling, but every game that we play the other team has the better quarterback Carr gives up on way to many plays and since the Atlanta game where he got hit alot he has gone back to being the scariest quarteback ive have seen since Jim Everett of the rams. stats dont mean anything hell Teddy Bridgewater has the highest completion rating in the league and his team cant win a game. Ive been calling for the dc to be fired since his first season and I have know problem saying that I hate Derek Carr. At this point all I can say is it sucks being a life long Raider fan until they get someone better my moneys on Marriota.

  21. Good luck getting new coaches an overhaul the team like a lot comments I saw an read if that happens be ready to go another six years in a hole cause that’s what happens when they bring new blood to a team they dismantle an start over every time new coaches come in u don’t give it time u won’t see progress it sucks to see my team losing but that’s the way it goes ,remember what happened in 2001?

  22. We need a different dc gruden need to throw out his old play book everyone is figuring out his plays get with the new era draft a whole new defense federal to me is a bust abram u already heard is the worst safety in nfl and he a 1st rounder so is federal nixon just”suck”as well as harris mulling still needs to learn we had drafted the future but many they need to be more selective with pick and quit pick a bunch of”BUNMB’S”

  23. Don’t Let 2020 Hit You On Your Way Out

    Resign Agholor immediately. Ship Carr for a late first rounder of two second rounders. Ship Kolton Miller for a late first rounder or a second and a third rounder. Ship Gabe Jackson for a second and a third rounder. Please let Rod Marinelli walk. Tell Greg Olsen to take a hike. Trade Corey Littleton at a loss if necessary and be done with him. Sometimes you’ve just got to eat it and remember that the Raiders GAVE Damarious Randall 1.5 million this year for nothing. Send Gruden, the tv analyst, and Mayock, the tv talent assessor, packing. Go get Anthony Gordon off of the Seattle Seahawks practice roster and see what he’s got. Ship or cut Nathan Peterman yesterday. Consider Leslie Frazier as a candidate for head coach. Play Foster Moreau more, find out if Zay Jones can be an asset and figure out why Alec Ingold can’t catch a cold in a blizzard, let alone a football. Don’t waste time or money on Vic Beasley of Traik, or whatever his name is, cut your losses and run. Give a healthy Tanner Muse and Bryan Edwards a look and figure out if Jeff Heath is worth it. Make a decision, one way or the other on Rico Gafford and Marcel Ateman. If they can’t be counted on to be productive, get a hungry youngster or two in there who can give us SOMETHING. Find an adequate backup for Hunter Renfrow!!! And explain to all of us exactly what it is that Derrick Carrier does because we all know what he doesn’t do and that is contribute to this team. Arden Key, Mo Hurst? see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. IF you can get SOMETHING for them then good, if not then goodbye and good luck. Don’t throw away any more good money after bad. Start 2021 out on the right foot and let the chips fall where they may. If I missed anyone, please forgive me but I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

  24. Raider fan true since 62! As a long time Raider fan I too am extremely frustrated by our lack of talent depth on both sides of the ball. Offensively Gruden is too predictable with his dink and dunk play calling. We must be more creative, but in order to do that we also need a QB that can create (Marcus Marriotta). Carr has had 7 seasons to lead us, but has 1 winning season. We need a change at QB. Defense has to be a more aggressive unit and needs a younger DC. The Buddy system within the NFL hiring of the same old coaches and not giving opportunities to today’s generation is a huge problem for our Raiders. Same o Same. Underachievers.

    1. Hi John, I’ve been a Raider since ’68 so you have my absolute respect for loyalty. Of course, I agree with your assessment of the Raiders current situation. After reading your post it’s obvious that we both agree that Jon Gruden misses the mark as an effective head coach and should be replaced. I further think that we both liked the way that Marcus Mariotta extended plays. Again, after seven seasons as the Raiders quarterback, it is time to move on from Derek Carr and get whatever draft capital can be secured from trading him. While Mark Davis gave Jon Gruden a ten year contract, it’s hard to believe that he is satisfied with the “results” that the past four years of Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden have yielded. Do you think that he could possibly realize that he may need to go another way? It took the Kansas City Chiefs fifty years to win their second Super Bowl. It has been only 38 years since the Raiders won their las Super Bowl. Given this scale of looking at Super Bowl wins, do you think that the Raiders are possibly ahead of schedule before they win their next one? I am an advocate of blowing up the current managerial regime and believe that the first order of the day should be securing a competent General Manager, perhaps a Louis Riddick; Joe Douglas; Ed Dodds; Mike Borgonzi; or Eliot Wolf type, closely followed by signing one of the future head coaches in waiting, namely Eric Bieniemy; Leslie Frazier; Tony Elliott; Aaron Glenn; Mike Kafka; Kris Rashard or Teryl Austin.

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