Hondo: One Roster Move By The Raiders On Tuesday “Blew Me Away”

There are always surprises when it comes to final roster cuts in the NFL, but Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter said that one move by the Raiders (or lack thereof) on Tuesday was a surprise to him.

“[Jalen Richard making the team] was the only thing yesterday that blew me away,” Carpenter said on Raiders Nation Radio’s The Morning Tailgate. “I shared last year that [the Raiders] were looking to replace Jalen Richard. They brought in Theo Riddick. Theo couldn’t beat Jalen. To Jalen’s credit, he survived. Jalen did it again. That’s not disrespect. I respect the heck out of that guy. That’s two years in a row he made the 53 man when I know, especially last year, they were looking for somebody to step up.”

One thing we know about Jon Gruden is that when it comes to his running backs, he doesn’t compromise when it comes to pass protection. Richard has improved a lot over his career in terms of pass protection and Pro Football Focus gave him the highest grade of any running back on the Raiders’ roster last year as a pass blocker.

Despite being away from the practice field for much of training camp, Richard’s history with Gruden seems to have earned him a roster spot.

Carpenter offered one more informational nugget on the show in regard to recently released wide receiver John Brown. It sounds like Brown may have asked for his release with the understanding that he was not very high on the team’s depth chart. By all accounts, Bryan Edwards and Henry Ruggs III have impressed the coaching staff over the past few months and both are expected to have significant roles in Gruden’s offense.

As always, look for Darren Waller to be Derek Carr’s no. 1 target, but Edwards, Ruggs, and Hunter Renfrow might round out one of the league’s most underrated receiver groups this year.

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5 thoughts on “Hondo: One Roster Move By The Raiders On Tuesday “Blew Me Away”

  1. Lol, clueless Hondo wrong again. Imagine that. I agree, but then the Raiders are poorly run, from Davis, Mayock, Gruden, right down to the worst offensive line coach in the history of football, Cable. We can’t expect this poorly oiled machine to run anywhere but straight into the ground. So if we are going to cut Diablo, how many 3rd rounders has Mayock/Gruden wasted? Not even to get into the 1st and 2nd rounders. Jacobs is nothing special, we could have probably scored someone just as good in the later rounds. Clelin, sorry but you are a bust that makes normal busts look bad. WHY DO THESE GUYS TRY SO HARD TO MAKE US LOSE? I am still convinced that Gruden is still bitter about being traded, and he is trying to get back at the Raiders by making us the laughing stock of pro sports. Every chance he gets, he makes the wrong choice. AND THE EXCUSES. JON GRUDEN’S BIG BOOK OF EXCUSES IS THE SIZE OF WAR AND PEACE. No wonder he and Carr get along, they both are totally clueless, and just like to make excuses.

    1. You sound very angry ..I hope you have the courage to apologize when the RAIDERS kick *** this year….please hold yourself accountable

  2. Unless Ragas couldnt pass block a paperclip this is the usual head scratcher move by Gruden. Could have saved a nice chunk of change and gotten a younger healthier back.

  3. Excelente noticia J Richard ha sido y puede seguir siendo un mejor jugador y ha sacado al equipo cuando se le necedita

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