If Traded, Would Antonio Brown Be Happy With His Current Contract?

Antonio Brown is looking for a new home and so far it looks like the Steelers will be happy to accommodate him. Based on a report on Saturday, the Steelers are seeking at least a first-round pick for Brown, but any team interested in Brown should consider what it will take to keep the disgruntled receiver in a good frame of mind.

It sounds like Ben Roethlisberger probably deserves more credit for the drama that’s been going on in Pittsburgh, but certainly Brown deserves his share of the blame. Would Derek Carr better equipped to deal with a player like Brown?

There is also the matter of Brown’s contract – something that has been a steady point of contention over the past few years.

With three years, $39 million left on his deal, Brown would come as a relative bargain to any team that traded for him. But that might not mean a lot if he isn’t happy with his deal and the last thing the Raiders need is another contract headache.

Nevertheless, if everyone is in agreement on the money, certainly keep an eye on the Raiders early second-round pick. Just using simple logic, if Jon Gruden was willing to give up a third-round pick for Martavis Bryant, imagine what he’d give up for Brown. One of the Raiders’ first round picks might not be safe, either.

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