Insider Believes Raiders Looking at Cleaning House: “I’m Starting to Hear Some Things”

It is starting to sound like Raiders’ owner Mark Davis is leaning toward cleaning house when the season is over.

Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter talked about the Raiders’ future on Friday and his feeling on the organization has shifted since he last spoke on the matter.

“I don’t think anybody is safe anymore. I used to think that. I am not a person who is of that persuasion anymore,” Carpenter said on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM’s Morning Tailgate with Clay Baker.

“Every single Raider from Mike Mayock to the janitor now is competing for their job. All of it is on the table because I’m starting to hear some things and Mark Davis is going to bring in a strong coach. Somebody is going to have a lot of authority. Either a GM or a coach. I tend to think he wants to go the coach route because that’s what he did with Jon [Gruden]. I think that’s the route he wants to go.”

For what it’s with, Carpenter said he thinks the Raiders could win the next five games and interim HC Rich Bisaccia’s chances of keeping the job would still only be around 50 percent. In other words, Bisaccia’s ship has probably sailed – especially considering the massively-shorthanded Raiders would need to start that five-game winning streak by beating the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

In short, it looks like the Raiders are on perfect course for another incredibly dramatic offseason.

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54 thoughts on “Insider Believes Raiders Looking at Cleaning House: “I’m Starting to Hear Some Things”

  1. Well, when this team decided to changeout their entire offensive line, getting rid of Hudson, Jackson, Collins, Penn, and the others it was pretty clear that the offensive line would not be a strong suit any longer. The receivers and tightend are good enough, but short also. The defense needs another good DT and an extra pass rushing DE. The linebackers are Perriman and those other guys. The defensive backs have been short handed. And, the high drafted DB’s Arnette, Haden, and a couple others couldn’t live up to expectations. Abrams, Moerig,
    Hobbs, and Hayward Jr. have been better than expected. The Raiders are not far away.

    1. Spot on brutha…
      2022 💪
      Strengthen the O line
      Solid DT
      Our players healthy…
      Oh yeah …
      Pick up Devonte Adams

    2. Nope ! Spot off. The Raiders should obtain a new QB. Carr has failed the organization by not Being consistent thought his 7 year tenure. That’s the problem

        1. Mariota is a shell of what he was, it would take 1 game for you to flip back to Carr, his velocity is way down and can’t even throw a spiral anymore

      1. I think you guys forgot what our QB situation was before Carr. It’s hard to win with the right side if our o-line and receivers that don’t separate. It’s time to change ownership. Davis is horrible.

      2. I absolutely agree. Carr is the problem and he’s holding the team back. He folds every year around the same time mid season. He just doesn’t have what it takes or what the Raiders need.

    3. The Raiders had their chances to
      turn the franchise around.
      Multiple times and multiple years.

      Some of the high salary offensive linemen had to go.
      To make room in the salary cap
      to get defensive players.
      The Raiders had a gazillion
      first round draft picks,
      needless to say most didn’t pan out.
      We had a very good opportunity
      to draft the players we needed.
      Instead drafted questionable
      1st round picks.

      1. I think the season was sunk when Gruden/Mayock gambled on these second-tier OL. Instead of signing Drake, who Gruden rarely used, the should have spent that $ on a better OL. Gruden /Mayock really set this team back. WHY was Gruden given such a huge contract? He NEVER had built a team before AND he had been out of coaching for 12 years. Dummy Mark Davis is the REAL PROBLEM.

    1. We have all the pieces to do it this season carr just needs to be consistent and put more touchdowns on the board

      And lets move Abrams to linebacker

      1. I feel the same abram at linebacker with his skill set could truly help the team yes his small yes he aint the strongest but let him come at u down hill and your goin to have to take a few plays off

      2. I think you put a lot of faith into thinking Carr will turn his career around with the Raiders. In my observation that’s a resounding no. His rookie year he showed we had something if we just build the offense around him. 2016, he showed me he could’ve been MVP. Since then…he’s been the hardest working average QB with a high quarterback rating.

  2. I would like to see mayock stick around. I think gruden drafted all the first & second rd’s, which for the most part all (sucked). But we struck some gold on the later rd’s with crosby,renfrow,hobbs. Let him have at least one year. Where he doesn’t have to listen to gruden.maybe then we get some real talent in the first rd. Needs to work on signing free agent talent. But just give him one more year to see if he can pull it off

    1. Mayock would have been fine had he followed through with his original philosophy of “drafting for character.” After I listened to a post draft detailed interview, I wasn’t as sold. Mayock got sold on Arnette. Terrible character flaws. Everybody knew it. Raiders need to get way better at evaluating talent and coaching up raw talent. Those are system things which have been broken for decades.

  3. Start with a strong coach like Jim Harbaugh and see if he wants this radical change. Gus Bradley has done what they asked, improved the defense. Many good defensive players are here because if Gus. Give him a couple more and the defense will be very solid. All the new coach will need to do is improve the offense. Strengthen the line, bring in a good Wr1 – (Devante Adams who?) and you will be ready to rock.

  4. Raider Joe here, just want to take a moment to express a few things. Firstly, the scrutiny and level of expectations that our favorite franchise is held to is head and shoulders above the rest of the entire NFL. Our team is, was, and always has been the black sheep of the league. We are treated differently because we are different and as Franco said in The Interview, “They hate us because they ain’t us!” Yes, I admit to rooting for my home team, indefinitely, always, and forever, eternally until the end of time but even my glass half full optimism has had it with this season. Sure I could handle Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper getting traded for picks, even that hot air balloon riding ne’erdowell Antonio Brown bailing on us before he even played a snap, I’ll even grin and bear it when the majority of our draft picks and free agency acquisitions don’t pan out (WHY? Because I have faith) but when a literal mafia style hit assassinated my favorite coach’s career IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON that’s when I’ve had enough.

    Nothing is more deflating than the last two months for our squad: losing Gruden, Ruggs terrible mistake that cost Ms. Tintor and her pup their lives and the inadequacy of our football team to put everything together consistently.

    I’m not a doomsday scenario kind of guy typically but at this point it’s getting hard to find reasons about our team to be optimistic.

    Let me put it this way though:

    -Maxx is a ******* stud
    -Yannick too
    -Perryman as well
    -Hayward is elite
    -Young DBs have shown promise
    -Our offensive lineman are young & cost effective and this crucial in game experience is only making them better
    -Ingold and Drake are great complimentary pieces in the backfield and will come back stronger than ever after rehabbing

    All of that being said, three things have worked for us since Del Rio was unceremoniously let go for Gruden:

    -Feeding Jacobs 20+ touches
    -Forcing looks to Waller consistently
    -Derek Carr taking the game into his own hands, calling his own plays, cutting it loose and throwing for 500 yards on 35+ attempts.

    We know how to win. We have the discipline to be dominant. Let’s get back to it my dudes.

  5. Our downfall was the offensive line this season. If we had a thoroughly dominant offensive line we would be deep into the playoffs.

  6. Carr is a Middle of the road back that folds under pressure.our offence is weak defence is getting there.we need to have a winning Ora to go with that beautiful statium. Gruden was a good Coach it was just his bromance with Carr was stupid.

  7. Well if that’s the case it’s going to be Jim Harbaugh nothing else makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets that 10 year deal Gruden had. And maybe he brings in his own GM. Should be interesting off-season

  8. I hope Mark Davis can grasp the errors of his past. I hope he brings in someone who can right this ship. Two people I hope he interviews are Todd Bowles and Don Martindale. These are two coaches under the radar, who in my opinion should be candidates. I think their toughness is needed along with the discipline traits that is needed throughout the team. This is my opinion, maybe the team will give it a
    thought. As for the General Manager, I would reach out to these four candidates, Jimmy Johnson, Eliot Wolf, Louis Riddick and as a long shot maybe he would take the job for two years just to live in Las Vegas and that would be the Great Ozzie Newsome. I hope this is appealing to the NATION.

  9. Yes the Raiders need a strong coach and a strong offense coordinator.Need better offensive line that holds the defensive pressure to the Quarterback.Defense problem is teams are scoring too many points.Too many open holes,need to play tighter not give 5 yard open space.That is why teams get a first down.

  10. Maycock and Gruden dumped the high o-line contracts in order to address the defense in a year when every team had to cut $25m in salaries. They kept Incognito as an important veteran presence in the middle of a very young line. You know what happened. They used the limited money they had to get Yannick, Solomon Thomas, Jefferson, Philon, KJ, Perryman, Casey Hayward, none of whom got big superstar money. While we’ve certainly had some swings and misses in the draft, we got Maxx, Renfrow, Hobbs, in later rounds and others that will develop still into starters. I think Mayock has done a good job of finding talent. We have to draft better. I love Derek, but his inconsistency is our biggest problem. The only stat that matters is W’s and L’s.

  11. I strongly believe that Tom Cable is the right man to to be a good head coach and fix this Raider offense. He had lesser players in the past and got them going. He’s not a passive guy. It’s the reason Chucky brought him in. They’re Al Davis type minded men. Mark, please consider Tom Cable as the new head coach. You already have him there. Continuity is a word your father used a lot.

  12. When you winning.. everything is Rosie.
    When you lose, everyone is to blame.
    But despite the situation, the most important thing for the players to have respect for their administrators who are trying to put the best team on the field that they can. There’s too much outside activity going on with the players, that takes them off the focus of winning their games but instead getting in trouble. Either with the law or with the NFL or with a team. The bad boy ideology worked under Al’s tutelage. Now there’s a new team there’s a new Era and it’s time that everyone behaved, and especially giving utmost respect to the owner Mark Davis. He didn’t create this decension.

  13. It starts with the owner someone please take over this team once this happens the curse will end …The NFL as long as Mark Davis is attached to this team we will never get a fair shake ….period . RN4L

  14. Hate to see a good if not great (my jury is still out) QB, hampered with one new system after another. Carr was quite comfortable coming into this season with the coach we had and the younger receivers that were starting to grow. Starting all over again Jesus poor guy, he has to love the Raiders to keep this up.

    1. Carr is not a great QB He’s above average about equal to Cousins. Last time the Raiders had a really good QB was obviously Gannon

  15. Well it wouldn’t shock me. We wasted all our #1 picks on undertalented, over paid, dumbass players who do dumbass things. Jacobs is the only good thing from the Mack trade. I want Carr to succeed so bad but he is to inconsistent to get this team over the hump.

  16. I would definitely welcome a new coach. However Carr has to go. He eill never get us to the Championship, not even the AFC for that matter. I’ve been giving him the benefit of the doubt and everytime he falls into the same old play. He’s inconsistent and most of the time is inaccurate. Get rid of the high paid players that are doing nothing – Carr, Littleton, Wright, etc. They need to play Mariota and draft a QB.

  17. Trade Carr to New Orleans for a middle 1st round, he is not a bad QB but his time with the Raiders is ending. Payton can help Carr, he needs that leadership. Trade up in the draft for Georgia’s defensive tackle, that should solidify the D line for years. Mariota can QB for two years, draft a QB let him learn. Spend free agency money on OL, LB, and another running back. I think Jacobs is hurting more than they are letting on and Drake won’t be the same after his injury. Hire Jim Harbaugh as Head Coach. Mike Mayok time is done due to the last few drafts. Hire a GM

  18. Blah, blah, blah. Everyone is an expert on how to fix the Raiders. I’m not either but what I saw in the 70’s and 80’s was stability. It all starts with the head coach. We don’t need a big name, we need a coach who will stabilize the team like Madden and Flores did. We had issues in those days but the coach kept everything stable. That coach will correct the weak positions, get the best out of the players he has, and gain the respect of the team and fan base. We need to get back to the basics of coaches coaching, players playing, and fans rooting for their team no matter what. Keep Mayock because he’s probably the best option out there and get a coach to work with him.

  19. Keep Mike Mayock and his entire scouting staff. Keep Tom Cable cause this O-line needs the consistency but we need the depth in that unit to be strong. Starting with fixing the Left Guard position. Gus Bradley must stay otherwise, this will be a total rebuild. Teams in rebuild mode don’t win Super bowls.

    Invest picks into this defensive line and add to this linebacking core. Bring Jackson back at receiver and draft two more receivers as well.

    Keep Biscascia as Special teams coach and hire a head coach, offensive coordinator and qb coach

  20. I believe if Mark cleans house it would take years to be at least a .500 team. The way the NFL is now is to buy a championship, have a few good years then clean it out again. You can’t keep players now over 5 years then they go where the money is. Can these new players coming out of college be coached? IMO this is how sports is now, a business and individual thinking.

    1. I dont think it would take that long. The Raiders sucked during Gruden because he drafts and coaches poorly taking longer for players to develop. There are 2nd and 3rd year coaches that advanced far into the playoffs because they are about discipline and speed. The Raiders locker room still remains undisciplined. Within 2 weeks of each other 2 high round draft picks were cut or released because of off field behavior. Jacobs got a DUI after the final game last season. NO DISCIPLINE!!!!
      Davis needs to start over and keeo his hands off. Reggie McKenzie actually did a decent job rebuilding only for Gruden to destroy all of it. If the Raiders want to be successful, they have to be willing to learn from this otherwise its just a repetitious process

  21. Lol after Reading all of this. No disrespect to others because each comment is valid and makes sense. It’s just that at this point, I feel the same vibes I felt as a kid when I was trying to solve a Rubrik’s cube. That is what it truly feels like being a Raider fan these days, hoping and wishing for the best, year after year after year after year…..

  22. Jim Harbaugh is a train wreck who finally had a good season this year. I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Raiders since 1967 – well over 50 years – but if Harbaugh is the coach I’m done with the NFL.

  23. I’m diehard raiders fan for many years Carr middle of the road qb o-line subpar d is better but needs work time to look for new qb and rework o-line strong head coach add lbs. Two years program sorry folks but that’s what I see raiders for life!

  24. Try for Tomlin 1st choice. Bowles 2nd choice. 3rd I don’t know. NOT Harbaugh. NOT Cable. Pry Hue Jackson away from his college team or wherever he is. OC Only! Keep Bradley. Go get RIDDICK for GM. DRAFT / FA. NEED 2 Stud OL. ONE Stud LB at least. Is it worth it to bring Mack back???? Don’t see bears keeping him. RAIDERS my Team since 1972. CAN WE FINALLY START WINNING AGAIN???? GET A COUPLE OF CHIPS SOON????????

  25. You give carr a line that pass blocks and opens holes for R bs with a middlen defense and we have a team.. problem is we never have depth 3 years in a row we start out strong and get smoked when we lose a few key players same problem year in an out need quality back ups to survive this destruction derby

  26. I absolutely agree. Carr is the problem and he’s holding the team back. He folds every year around the same time mid season. He just doesn’t have what it takes or what the Raiders need.

  27. Dealing Carr this offseason only makes sense if you upgrade the position. Rogers, Wilson or Watson are the only other viable options. And to get one of them, you will have to spend a lot of money on solid veteran OL’s. To me, Watson is the obvious choice, regardless of his Kraft tendencies.

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