Is Derek Carr Still the Raiders Long-Term Plan at Quarterback?

What a difference two weeks makes.

Actually it’s been less than two weeks.

Eight days ago everyone was talking about how Jon Gruden and the Raiders were finally turning things around. Now Gruden sucks and social media is trying to run Derek Carr out of town.

It’s true that Gruden and Carr are coming off two of their worst games of the year, but blowing up the Raiders building (figuratively, of course) might be the worst plan social media has come up with since it’s idea to storm Area 51.

Going back two weeks ago, it was key third-down drops (easy receptions at that) that stalled consecutive first-quarter drives in Jets territory and led to a 14-3 deficit that was never close to being erased. For weeks we’ve heard about how the Raiders aren’t built to play from behind and that has proven to be true over the past two weeks. But the reason they can’t play from behind was never because they don’t have a quarterback (who has more fourth-quarter comebacks than Carr in the past six years?).

The issue right now is defenses don’t have to respect any Raider receivers other than Darren Waller. Waller is second in the NFL among tight ends in receiving yards (807), but the 27 year-old TE is seemingly the only pass-catcher on the team able to win a one-on-one matchup. Tyrell Williams is either still injured or has closed up shop for the year and every other healthy receiver on the roster is barely worthy of an NFL roster.

Carr said that the Chiefs played the Raiders this week the way they always play them – physical man coverage that challenges the Raiders to win one-on-one’s on the outside. Other than Waller (7 receptions, 100 yards), the Chiefs didn’t fear any Raiders wideouts and don’t expect anyone else to fear them either – especially if Williams stays locked in pedestrian mode.

The fact that the Raiders won games early in the year with an inferior wide receiver group shouldn’t be considered a sign that Carr is regressing. That might be the worst case against Carr making rounds right now. Good teams will understand how to defend the Raiders and the trend going forward will be to line up and challenge the Raiders to beat man coverage.

As for a change at quarterback (thankfully social media doesn’t run the Raiders), it would be foolish to ignore the 13 TD, 3 INT stretch that Carr produced since week three. The last two games have been bad, but rather than throw Carr to the lions, why not take an objective look at where the Raiders need to improve most. Carr can obviously be better, but aren’t we seeing Tom Brady deal with some of the same problems in New England?

Dov Kleiman on Twitter

Tom Brady telling his receivers they have to play “Faster, quicker, more explosive.”

By all means be disappointed if the Raiders don’t go get the quarterback you want to replace Carr, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. Jon Gruden will be active making personnel moves this spring (a few new WRs and all new LBs feels like a lock to happen), but don’t get your hopes up that Carr won’t be the Raiders quarterback this year or next.

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15 thoughts on “Is Derek Carr Still the Raiders Long-Term Plan at Quarterback?

  1. The difference is tom is winning stop making excuses for car a good nfl quarterback makes those around him better like Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady however carr does not he is a backup at best 6 years and nothing but 1 playoff game that he didn’t even play in the guy is garbage I have a junk yard for him he has bad heads, bad injectors, exhaust leak, valves bad, blown motor

    1. You are way off! Brady is winning this year because of his defense! Lamar has a great defense. What do we not have a defense at all! Also there is zero continuity because we can’t put the same team out there for more than a week at a time! This process takes time! Grudens offense is a very complicated scheme and for what we have accomplished with what we have it’s pretty remarkable! I had us winning 8 games at most WITH AB before the year started! To be where we are with what we have right now is impressive! We are on the right track and we progressed a little faster than expected and people are asking for heads to roll! You all should be thinking positive that for once we are on to something and building a future and wether you like it or not Carr is going to Vegas !

    2. You’re blaming him for losing a playoff game he didn’t even play in. You also didn’t say anything in your reply besides what you haven’t already heard or read on social media.

    3. Well, you have proven yourself to be a casual fan who doesn’t understand how teams win or lose. You blame the QB for that, no matter how illogical it is. Tom wins bc of a top 10 defense and one of the best supporting casts on offense around him. He also has the best HC in NFL history. So, kind of a dumb comparison. Jackson runs more than a RB, which is working at the moment, but how long do running QB’s last? RG3 last all of what, 1 season? Some Raiders fans would trade Carr for Lamar straight up, then watch him blow out his knee in the preseason.

      1. Hater!! What does Carr do that makes him exceptional? An NFL QB should have at least one great trait you can count on. Please tell me his!

  2. Great article!! Best and accurate analysis. Gruden should get more blame than Carr with WR group he has compiled. I watched Seth Roberts help Ravens beat Niners in morning. Gruden took big risk with A. Brown and Burfict that failed. No back up plan and thus the struggle at both positions.

    Gruden is responsible to fix the lack of quality not Carr. Unfortunately this is similar to roster mistakes Gruden made at Tampa thinking he can coach waiver wire talent into victories. Next year’s roster will dictate if deficiencies have been overcome.

    Mayocks imprint on this years draft class’ excellence is undeniable. Hopefully he can repeat next year and the young talent will set stage for lots of future success.

    Thanks for Article!

  3. Really really disappointed…thought the Raiders would show better. The penalties week after week is Gruden’s responsibility. Now we have fumbles and interceptions. I see a team not concentrating or caring and thats on Gruden. Watched carr after 1st interception i did not see him looking at a tablet to see what the defense is doing on the interception? On 4th and 1 the running back did not look around for his blockers and the best route and cost us a first down. Seems like the team is not prepared.

  4. The Raiders have lost 74-12 over the last 2 weeks. 5 of 6 losses have been blowout. The Raiders are a MASH unit on defense but Carr can’t get the Off. in the endzone. That’s the trouble.

  5. The loss of Hunter Renfroe only made a bad situation worse as far as Raider receivers go. Let’s not forget that this team at the start of the year was picked by most “experts” to finish dead last in the West & was widely criticized as being one of, if not the worst team in the NFL. They had the toughest strength of schedule to start the season, have traveled twice as much as the next 2 teams combined, had 6 straight road games, were on Hard Knocks in the preseason, endured the A. Brown debacle, lost Burfict to suspension, lost their starting safeties to injury, & despite all of that are STILL 6 -6. To me it seems like they have done pretty damned well so far.

  6. I was a carr fan. However it seems as if we need a fresh face to replace him. Question is with who. There a no quarterbacks out there except maybe Terry brig water

  7. Carr is overrated, he’s afraid that he’s going to get hurt.he locks on to one receiver, he does lousy job at looking of the safety’s

  8. carr passing stats are mostly to the line scrimmage i never seen one guy complete so many and loose yards

  9. Carr is a limited one read QB who struggles to make progressions. He’s been bluprinted. Drops are 4.8%. That’s 20th. He’s afraid to get hit. In the Cincinnati game, he missed opportunities to throw downfield 7 times with receivers deep and DBs trailing. He’s just not the answer. His air yards are pathetic. 27th. YAC however is 10th. Jackson and Wilson out there winning with nobodies. Tampa Bay has great WRs. How’s that working out. Atlanta too.

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