Is Derek Carr “Too Sensitivite” To Work With Jon Gruden?

Is Derek Carr “too sensitive” to handle a coach like Jon Gruden?

It’s a question – or topic – that’s been discussed and happened to find its way into one of last week’s columns at The Athletic

“There have been numerous national reports this week speculating that Carr will have a hard time dealing with Gruden’s often-pointed criticism. Gruden has been known to yell or poke fun at this players, and Carr may not be able to handle that after four years of coddling and one $125 million payday.”

Tafur said he believes reports that Carr “might be a little sensitive” and categorized the conversation as “a valid concern” going into next season.

So should Raider fans be concerned?

Be your own judge, but there’s plenty of reason to believe Carr will be the least of the Raiders concerns moving forward.

If anything, Carr resembles a player who will respond well to a coach like Gruden.

Both are fiery, competitive types with relentless work ethic. Each respects the other and Gruden will be insightful enough to know where and when to push his $125 million quarterback.

Carr may not use the same colorful expressions as Gruden, but neither did Hall of Famer Tim Brown, who had four of his best seasons under Gruden.

Gruden will be consistent with Carr and won’t be the first to curse and scream at him.

The idea that the former coaching staff in Oakland humiliated Carr and lost him for the season is possible but doesn’t explain the other 50+ underforming players on the roster.

There’s also been questions about Carr’s leadership style and some have suggested he needs to be more demanding of teammates.

Maybe Carr can improve here, but his leadership style wasn’t questioned in the past – what about this season demanded that he do so much more than in the past?

What Gruden will need to figure out is why Carr went from being a legitimate MVP candidate in 2016 to whatever was going on this year.

Why did Carr improve every year of his career and fall off a cliff this season?

For that matter, why did so many of Carr’s teammates play through most of the season in such a funk?

Just a guess, but considering how quickly Raiders owner Mark Davis moved to fire Jack Del Rio (essentially as JDR walked off the field), there’s a good chance he believes he has identified the problem – and intends to introduce the solution on Tuesday.

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5 thoughts on “Is Derek Carr “Too Sensitivite” To Work With Jon Gruden?

  1. If it’s true about the coaches turning on Carr, the lousy decisions that let Musgrave leave,keeping Norton so long! It all falls on Dumb Rio. Good riddance!

  2. Downing was given a lot of credit for Carr’s development . So what happens when he’s handed the meys to the offense and a chance to further enhance Carr as an ascending , legitimate talent in the NFL ? It all fell apart . Maybe Musgrave was the one who had Derek playing at an MVP level . Is this Downing’s fault ? Not at all . He wasn’t ready for that job and Del Rio should have known that but he made the same mistake with Norton . Add the lack of concentration by his receivers and Carr was dropped into a nightmare . With things going so wrong from playcalling and poor scheme to drops from his receivers and a bad back and it really isn’t a surprise he had such an off year .

  3. Carr will thrive under Gruden. Just because he doesn’t curse and carry on doesn’t mean he is thin skinned. I think Gruden and Carr have a very similar approach to the game, but different ways of expressing it. You will see a very different offense that will suit Carr and Cooper to a tee. Cooper will be moved all over the field to create mismatch opportunities, and Gruden will use a much underutilized skill Carr has, and that is athleticism. Play action will return as Gruden loves to run the football and beat opponents into submittion. Get ready, cause the Raiders just got real!!!

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