Is Gareon Conley On The Trade Block?

Whatever is going on with Gareon Conley, it’s been a bit of a mystery. There have been missed a few tackles and a couple breakdowns in coverage, but he has played reasonably well overall.

Nevertheless, multiple reports have suggested that Conley may have already lost his starting job and defensive coordinator Paul Guenther didn’t exactly give Conley a vote of confidence in his press conference on Tuesday.

From a percentage standpoint, Conley has watched his playing time drop in each of the past three games – including a drastic reduction this week against the Chargers.

With Daryl Worley back in the mix, where will Conley fit into the cornerback rotation moving forward? In fact, Guenther and Jon Gruden don’t prefer a rotation at cornerback (who knows why they’ve been doing it), so it’s possible Conley is about to just be the odd man out.

If it happens that Conley loses his job, it’s fair to wonder if the Raiders might quietly sneak him onto the trade block before the deadline. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo brought up the trade possibility (for Conley) today and given Gruden’s short patience with essentially everyone, who’s betting against it?

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7 thoughts on “Is Gareon Conley On The Trade Block?

  1. Trading away a first rounder of 1 year, after everything else…would be last Straw. At one point I thought I could envision Grudens plan, now it starting to seem there isnt a plan….like watching a child play Madden off season

  2. I’m still in a daze from the Mack trade, each and every week I try not to watch Mack DESTROY quarterbacks and inevitable think of what could have been, not that Mack would have been the answer to all our problems but I’m pretty sure we would have won 2 or more games so far. I’m just still really pissed off that this year is a F**king dumpster fire.

  3. What the hell would they be thinking? The guy is really still on his rookie season. He doesnt just go from one of the top CB in college to nothing in a few months. Its believable since Reggie Nelson still has a roster spot. Someone will steal another up and coming young player from us no doubt.

  4. I always thought this whole Gruden thing could end one of two ways . Really really good and we start making the playoffs often. And we become a house hold name. Or it all falls apart. After trading Mack for what we did, and seeing the play calling on both side of the ball from Gruden and company! Well the raiders record speaks for it self. Just look at what this clown has done in just a mirror first part of the season. And we spent 10 years 100 Million dollars. What a complete JOKE !!!!!!!!

  5. How can you blame Reggie for bad draft picks if you keep trading or releasing them before they get a chance. You are suppose to bring them in and coach them up. They all can’t be ready to go as soon as they get drafted.

  6. It wouldn’t surprise me seeing them trade Connely. Jon Gruden is incompetent about football. How we go from two years we were suppose to be the team to beat too complete trash? We honestly might not get another win this season or next season. Jon Gruden has to go. Failure *** coach.

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