Is it Time For the Raiders to Move on From Paul Guenther?

It’s no secret that the Raiders have been leaning almost exclusively on their offense to stay competitive this year, but there is one statistic seems to explain the story better than most. has a chart that monitors yards per drive for both offense and defense. Through the first three weeks, the Raiders were averaging 42.4 yards per drive on offense (sixth best in the NFL) and giving up an average of 43.7 yards per drive on defense (second worst in the NFL).

Offensive numbers are up this year around the league, but last year the Raiders gave up 37.2 yards per drive on defense and the offense averaged 35.5 yards per drive. Based on those figures it seems like the Raider offense is getting better and the defense, despite adding legitimate talent in the offseason, is getting worse.

Ironically, the Raiders have been dealt a multitude of injuries on offense, but the defense has only really been affected by the loss of linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski. That’s a significant loss, but not one that should turn Paul Guenther’s defense into a dumpster fire.

Jon Gruden told reporters this week that the defense has been making correctable mistakes, one of which happened to be a play (on Sunday) where some of the Raiders secondary played man coverage and others were in zone.

But isn’t that a mistake that most well-coached defenses aren’t dealing with in week four of the regular season?

There is also the matter of game-planning.

Two weeks ago, the Patriots adjusted quickly to Guenther’s defense and steamrolled the Raiders with their running game. It was an embarrassment. Now you could argue that the Raiders came out this week and played into the hands of the Buffalo Bills, too.

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Josh Allen has been tearing up man coverage all season and the Raiders come out and play almost exclusively man on the first drive.


Then there is the curious case of P.J. Hall, who the Raiders gave up on before the season, and is now actually playing very well for the Texans (of all teams).

It’s not a good look to see players (especially young players) be discarded and improve almost immediately on another roster.

Add it all up and it’s hard to reach a conclusion other than that the Raiders need to strongly consider reshuffling the coaching deck on the defensive side of the ball. It might not solve the problem this year, but why keep a coordinator around that doesn’t seem to be a part of the solution to the Raiders biggest problem?

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31 thoughts on “Is it Time For the Raiders to Move on From Paul Guenther?

    1. Is it time to move…hmmmmmmmm…have you watch the Raiders play defense this year? Yeah neither has anyone watching their games…

  1. its not all guenthers fault they do too much arm tackieling they need to get low an drive into their opponet new england knows how to play defence if you dont want to give 100% then get rid of them an if aman is hurt all the time i dont care how could he is show him the door see ya

  2. I’ve wanted Guenther gone the day he was hired. His coaching has ALWAYS been one that is prone to mistakes – his horizon to be a good DC is way too limited. And this one’s on the guy who hired him – Gruden. I think it’s time ALL of us Raider die – hards put pressure on him too. W/him, we’re NOT just winning, baby!

  3. Guenther needs to be fired immediately. The fact Gruden won’t make the move makes you really wonder about his judgment as the leader of the Raiders. Bringing in AB, failing to wear his mask after numerous warnings and fines, dumping a talented D line coach for a 70 year old man who was run out of Dallas for substandard results, Erik Harris starting… It all adds up to making a case that Jon Gruden is in over his head. Gruden part 2 has been all sizzle and zero steak. Not happy at all with these substandard results Gruden has shown. He constantly gets out coached and fails to make adjustments. The modern NFL might have passed him by.

  4. This scenario reminds me of the 2016 season. The offense was great (#6 in league) and the defense was not (#26). The Raiders were able to out score their opponents and achieve a winning record. But most of the wins were marginal because the defense always allowed the other team to stay in the game. At the end of the season the Raiders fired the offensive coordinator (Still scratching my head) and kept the defensive coordinator, Ken Norton, in other words, they let the wrong guy go. The following year the Raiders offense dropped off and the defense stayed bad. Ken Norton was fired. Derek Carr who I support has been on this roller coaster ride for a while. When he says “we are beating ourselves” .. “we” .. definitely includes the front office.

  5. Huge mistake getting rid of D line coach Buckner last year , d line seems to have taken a step backwards . They should have fired Guenther last year, any other head coach would have fired Guenther after his lackluster performance last year and his performance so far this this year .He plays into the hand of other O coordinators his game planning is awful his half time adjustments are even worst . Gruden better wake up and smell the coffee friend or no friend.this guy absolutely has to go .
    Can Marinelli do a better job It can’t get any worse
    could it ?

  6. I totally agree since 2018 the raiders defense has been terrible. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it all falls on the DC there’s no way around it. I feel like as long as Paul Guenther is running the Raiders defense they’re always going to get blown out by powerhouse teams. Let’s move on from Guenther.

  7. DC must go it is nothing but toxic for the D.They don’t believe in him or his D scheme he is running.It show they are trying to play D just with talent and in the NFL that Lone won’t work.He should jave been gpne last year.You as a DC for the Raiders is a waste of money and valuable time the team can’t afford to lose.

  8. Let’s see where we are at the end of the season. Some of these young guys need to start performing, but going to a new coordinator mid-season isn’t the answer. Given the youth in the secondary and d-line, and a new scheme for some of the free agents, they deserve a chance to settle in to their roles before we start making wholesale changes. But if at the end of the year we still have embarrassing mistakes regularly occurring on defense, then it is time to go in a new direction.

    But that shot of Josh Allen with his pick of 3 touchdown passes on the same play was very discouraging.

  9. Come on people,! New stadium,team! Personal…. This would be the end of preseason!!! In a regular season ! ( But it’s not!) But we’ve lost more than 2 in a row before right? True raider NATION will Roll with it for a few,( let’s see?) These are all professional people ( the best of the best!) I hear they have walk-on try outs (go 4 it!!!) No recliners!!!!!!

  10. I’ve been scouring the internet to find out how much the Raiders are paying Paul Guenther. Can anyone tell me how much the Raiders are paying this guy?

  11. Here’s the problem, when they dump this loser, they are gonna replace him with an even bigger loser, Marinelli. They need to trash the entire d coach team, and bring back Bsquared for starters

  12. I’m against changing coaches midseason for scheme purposes, Marinelli is already their so that makes it a little different. Hard to fire a friend but I trust Gruden to do it.

  13. We need to move on from him immediately. Has had enough time to date for improvement from year one and has YET to happen..

  14. He’s never getting fired, chucky loves him no matter what, they can give up 100 points a game and it wont matter

  15. The Las Vegas Raiders can’t continue to have a soft Defense and expect to the offensive to drive down the field slowly to score points when behind. The Raiders in the past could come from behind and win games. The league had change and teams are getting better with defense front. and having good offensive plays to show. The Raider defense is too soft and need to get a defense coordinator who help this Raider team to improve. The Chiefs are the Champs and continue to improve again that they can win it all. The week five will prove if they can win in Kansas City and if not then it will be another season of disappointing year for the Raiders. Good luck in Kansas City just don’t get blown out against the champs.

  16. Fire him . Bill Belichick left a road map how to beat. Patrick Mahomes drop 8 in coverage rush 3

  17. This commentary is exactly y there r so many delusional Raider fans. Listen, Gruden brought in the alleged legitimate defensive talent u refer 2. Gruden brought in the wrong players again like he has from day 1 n if u cant see that ignoring all the horrible decisions he has made n the multitude of mistakes insisting blame be thrown upon shoulders of wrong person then go ahead.

    The Head Coach carries burden of blame for team play. If what u say is true of Guenther n Gruden fails 2 see what u mistakenly see n continues 2 allow Guenther 2 coach then wouldnt that fall upon shoulders of Gruden anyway. Either way Gruden should be gone n should have never been brought back.

    Gruden is responsible (ultimately Mark Davis) for taking the progress Raiders had made prior 2 Gruden n set them back 2 where they were – maybe further. If anyone disagrees with me i challenge such a person 2 debate with me n the facts I will provide n I guarantee that person will have no chance of supporting Grudens return or his remaining.

  18. The defense sucks they can not stop a running nose been a fan 1965 please just put on a good show be contenders please


  20. Yes. I’ve been telling others that Guenther needs to go for a long time. We are giving up too much yardage and allowing too many points on defense, especially in the secondary. -Long time Raiders Fan.

  21. Guenther is absolutely horrible and should have been fired after last season and now that Gruden is still backing him has me worried. Gruden hasn’t been great himself and either refuses to make 2nd half adjustments or just doesn’t know how to. On top of that it seems he calls the same plays over and over, it’s run, run and then throw to the TE or run throw run and it isn’t working. Yea we caught the Panthers off guard with that but it’s not working anymore and Gruden needs to open up the fucking play book and keep it open. Every time we fall behind he opens it up and we do good and move down the field and score then he shuts the play book right back up. If he refuses to make adjustments for the 2nd half of games and open the **** play book then he can go right along with Guenther and get the **** off the team.

  22. Below is my post from 09/23/2019, which I’m sticking to by the way, and my question is, has anything changed since then?

    Today, when the Oakland Raiders played the Minnesota Vikings, was the first time since I’ve been a Raiders fan, fifty-one years now and counting, that I actually turned the game off, in the fourth quarter. For me, the game was horrible because my Raiders were horrible. I’m sure that “some” sports writer, “somewhere” will try to put some kind of sick positive spin on the outcome. Like, the Raiders discovering that they have a legitimate tight end in Darren Waller. True enough, this guy played well but a tight end does not a football team make. Of course, it is very important to give credit where credit is due. Conversely, it is also equally important to “point out” where this team needs to improve. Since Derek Carr will be living next door to Jon Gruden, when the Raiders relocate to Las Vegas in 2020, maybe they can carpool together and pick up Mike Mayock on the way. Hopefully, their destination will be 6330 West Charleston Boulevard. That is the address of the Las Vegas Unemployment Office. Surely whoever is driving will have that Chuckie effigy, from a horror movie, hanging (literally) from the rear view mirror. How can a 25 million dollar a year quarterback not throw the football downfield (more than 20 yards) only once or twice an entire game and expect to win? How can a 10 million dollar a year head coach not call virtually any downfield pass plays? Why are there no pass plays, for the Raiders, that isolate a speedy runningback on a slower linebacker? Is it any coincidence that former Raiders slot receiver Seth Roberts had more yards and receptions than the Raiders current slot receive Hunter Renfrow? Given the current state of this “football team,” does anyone not believe that the Raiders will have an additional top five draft pick yet again. For sure, Las Vegas will be getting a chronologically young football team. The Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers have returned to respectability after long hiatuses.Even the Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions are on the rise. When does the resurrection start for the Raiders? Routinely, lots of people defend Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock, Gunther Cunningham and Tom Cable. When does true accountability come into play? In truth, the Raiders don’t even have a playoff caliber offensive line, let alone a Super Bowl offensive line. Every football novice knows that one of the primary reasons that Tom Brady is successful is because his offensive line is under constant review, scrutiny and change by Bill Belichick and his staff. There is also no doubt that winning teams are the ones that are being consistently refined and upgraded. The short of it is, whatever the current edition of Raiders senior management is doing, is NOT working. This is evidenced by their won / loss record through nineteen games, and counting under the current coaching staff. Surely I don’t need to inform faithful Raiders fans that the won / loss record, over the past nineteen games is five wins with fourteen losses. The previous edition of Raiders senior management under Reggie McKenzie and his crew got the boot for managerial malfeasance. Perhaps, the only good news is that we, life long Raiders fans, only have eight and a half tears left under the current coaching regime. Thank God that nothing last forever. One day at a time my friends, one day at a time.

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