Is It Time To Panic Over Khalil Mack’s Holdout?

Is it time to panic on Khalil Mack’s holdout?

With 12 days to the regular season opener (and no end to the holdout in sight), it sure seems like a reasonable time to start worrying, doesn’t it?

No doubt, the relationship between Mack and the Raiders is souring, but until now the deadlines have all been relatively soft deadlines. What matters most is the regular season and if there’s common ground to be found on a new deal, it will surface in next 12 days. It’s worrisome that Mack and the Raiders have had so little communication in recent months, but it doesn’t mean a deal can’t come together quickly. Both sides, after all, have had more than a year to prepare for this.

Until there’s a breakthrough, Mack’s camp has no choice but to threaten a holdout into the regular season. You can bet it was no coincidence that hours after a report last week that the Raiders anticipate Mack showing up, a report quickly popped up saying Mack mostly likely would not show up without progress on a new deal. If Mack’s agent wasn’t threatening to extend the holdout, he wouldn’t be doing his job. He needs Mark Davis, Jon Gruden, and Reggie McKenzie to believe Mack will not play week one without real movement toward a new deal.

All things considered, Mack should still be considered likely to end up with the Raiders for the season opener, but certainly not on account of any amount of good news that’s been reported to this point.

As holdouts go, Mack’s isn’t that much different than others before him. What doesn’t make sense is why anyone involved has allowed it to get to this point. Mack is a general manager’s dream, both on and off the field. And splitting hairs over guaranteed money might not be wise for Mack, either.

Which is the smarter option – taking $70 million guaranteed or risking another year (to injury or otherwise) to get additional money guaranteed?

Hopefully, all that can be reasonably discussed in the very near future.

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2 thoughts on “Is It Time To Panic Over Khalil Mack’s Holdout?

  1. Get it done. He’s our best player and a franchise cornerstone. Eat some humble pie. Franchise before self.GO RAIDERS.

    1. I agree the franchise should come before self and Mack is definitely the best player in the Oakland locker room.
      That is why I am behind the front office of the Raiders. Mack isn’t there in camp so he definitely isn’t putting the team ahead of himself. It was proven last year one man no matter how good he is can’t win in the NFL by himself. It’s a team game and as of now Mack isn’t being a team player.
      I believe if the hold out goes into week 1 trade him and get something for him.

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