Is Jack Del Rio On The Hot Seat In Oakland?

Sunday was a new low for the Raiders in a season that’s already had more than it’s share.

What the problem is in Oakland (or wherever the Raiders play home games now) is up for debate, but it’s more than fair to start asking questions.

By the looks of things at the moment, the extension given to head coach Jack Del Rio by owner Mark Davis was a little premature.

Del Rio, who wasn’t even going into a contract year, received a deal in the off-season that tied him to the Raiders for four more years. Of course he can be fired, but the Raiders would owe Del Rio millions which would make the decision much more difficult for Davis should the season continue to circle the drain.

Nevertheless, it’s starting to feel like Derek Carr earned Del Rio a fortune with his late-game heroics in 2016.

Maybe the head coach can convince ownership there’s someone better to blame, but ultimately Del Rio is responsible for keeping defenseless defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. and replacing offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave – two maneuvers that seem to be sabotaging the Raiders season.

Regardless of Del Rio’s fate, Norton is good as gone after the season, and it’ll be hard to make a case for offensive coordinator Todd Downing – the offense has somehow regressed to unimaginable depths of disfunction.

Short of a late-season miracle, there will be tough decisions waiting for Davis after the season. Should the Raiders owner look for a little help, there are thousands of Raider fans who have already submitted their pro bono advice – probably even a few in the comment section below.

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20 thoughts on “Is Jack Del Rio On The Hot Seat In Oakland?

  1. Why is Norton still there. He was awful last year and the year before. Go after Wade Phillips. And write Bill Musgrave a letter apologizing and kissing his ***.

  2. “but ultimately Del Rio is responsible for keeping defenseless defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. and replacing offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave – two maneuvers that seem to be sabotaging the Raiders season.”

    This statement says it all. An absolutely boneheaded move.

    Last year the overall Offense ranked 6th and the defense ranked 26th. And you get rid of the offensive coordinator and keep the the defensive coordinator? Absolutely ridiculous!

    Current rankings:
    Offense 22nd
    Defense 26th

    The current rankings were prior to the New England game.

  3. He said keep hope alive!!!!! How about the hope that they fire his ***! They had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and this is what you put on the table! Disgusting!!!!!!!!

  4. regression requires punishment so the search for a new defense and offense of coordinator should begin immediately after a few more losses 😳

  5. Yep it starts with the head coach.A staff with3 coordinators on d NEVER makes adjustments.Dowling is just simply horrible.

  6. The Raiders performance today was disgrace to the NFL! The Raiders acted like they didn’t want to win this game from start! The Raiders had every chance that any team could have received during a game to keep this game close. The Raiders defense is awful and just pathetic! The Raiders get killed on short passes all the time since the defenders play so far off the ball. The Raiders have the talent that could play bump and run that they jam the WR on ever play that they never do that. Sean Smith is playing good that he is the only defender playing bump and run on the WR. The offense was disgraceful today. Every drive they would get to mid field then they would run terrible plays that set Carr up to fail so they can punt. That 4th down and 1 early in the 3rd quarter play was disgraceful that Carr handed the ball off the RB 4 yards deep after Carr was under center and then defense was waiting for the RB pass the line of scrimmage. These high school plays are so pathetic that they have no place in the NFL! Those 2 yard pass plays on 3rd down and 10 need to be taken out the play book. This rotation win a game then lose game needs to stop that this team is embarrassment! Just losing games to the Bills, Broncos, Chargers, Ravens and Redskins is total disgrace this year that these players shouldn’t take the field if they are going to play that low in a game! The Raiders were 12-4 last year since they played against the weakest divisions in the NFL or they were that good. This year 4-6 playing against teams that are not much better than last year. Carr has a quick trigger that looks real good at times then Carr throws the ball to a player that has no shot catching the ball or cannot get the 1st down. This team needs get their act together.

  7. Norton should have been gone all ready. As for Downing, any sense of him being of any help diminished some time back. Del Rio is not the great white most anticipated. To bad because this Raider team has the potential and the talent and whatever the reason just can’t get it right, This beyond frustrating. Being an old school fan, I can still say I will forever remain part of Raider Nation. I have been around to see play in LA and Oakland, and remain strong in saying I’m a RAIDER fan NOT a city fan. It’s time for Davis to get some big ones (like his Dad) and clean house!

  8. Yea I agree it’s time for Del rio to go, almost every game this season the raider players make mistakes,
    For example vs the pats holton hits his defender in the head, and I don’t know how many drops there was. I didn’t see Del rio or any other coach get on there ***, I’m sick and tired of these players not being accounted for there actions. Downing sucks big time, I actually thought he was gonna be a good play caller lol **** was I ever wrong, even though i thought downing could be a good play caller I never wanted to let musgrave go. This loss to the pats was sickening and embarrassing, we need some real coaches. Justwinbaby!

  9. such discord on a team this. coach has lost all control of players staff. Pitiful all around esp. with Lynch who shows all indications of a brain disorder.

  10. Coach JDR is a imposter… He can’t win a big games in Big moments if Davis paid him 20 million a year. The defense has been ok don’t blame Norton for no secondary help we as Raider fans know that’s our weakness… Go get Pep Hamilton for OC and hire Rex Ryan DC.

  11. It’s just painful to watch. The players on this team deserve better leadership. JDR has lost my faith. Leadership would have jettisoned Norton at the end of last season. Leadership would have taken the bad parts of Musgrave’s playbook (screens) out of the playbook and moved forward. Leadership would bench players who CAN’T CATCH A PASS. As a retired Marine I know all too well that Leadership makes all the difference. This team is poorly led and it shows on the field. I don’t want to start the coaching carousel of the previous regime (may he RIP), but Carr and Mack deserve better leadership than this. IF the HC goes Davis should offer the OC for NE, Matt Patricia the job. He’s ready to run his own show and his upbringing is unquestionable. The defense needs personnel and the next time Reggie even thinks about drafting an injured player, Davis should veto it immediately.

    This team needs leadership. It’s not there Mr. Davis. It starts with you Sir.

    1. Eddie D…..

      I won’t get personal. Though I really want to! Kaepernick isn’t good enough to hold Carrs sweaty towel. The only reason to have CK on the team would be to give Marshawn company on his knee, or his *** during the NATIONAL ANTHEM. Frankly I’ve had enough of that too.

  12. Terrible all around especially with the talent on this team – at a minimum Norton and that offensive coordinator should be gone as of yesterday….Del Rio as well should go as to me this team is lost…sad indeed.
    Lets see if Reggie the balls to do the right thing?

  13. There is no doubt that all of this points to Del Rio but part of this goes to McKenzie and Davis . To give Del Rio 4 more years based on the accomplishments of 1 season was foolish . Del Rio game plans as if the pre season is 20 weeks long . We’re seeing the same things out of this team we saw in pre season . His is a simplistic approach to football and always has been. His decision to keep Norton after 3 years of futility is inexcusable and his knee jerk reaction to rumors that other teams might be interested in Downing is unforgivable . Musgrave had his problems but he was experienced which Downing isn’t and it shows .
    Downing has destroyed the offense .
    Del Rio’s ego got in the way of what’s best for the team when they brought Wade Phillips in during the off season . He left the building without a contract . Rumor has it he told McKenzie and Del Rio that if he took the job , he would have no one meddling with his process and Jack balked at the hiring which led to Phillips leaving without a contract . There is lots of blame to go around but I think that when a team goes from 12 – 4 to 4-6 and getting worse , you have to start asking questions about the head coach .

  14. JDL and Reggie better be both on the hot seat.

    Can we please get people with an IQ over 60 to run this team please

    Reggie can’t draft and JDL can’t coach

    I’m starting to think Mark can’t “own” either

    what a disaster this team is

  15. Only way we will win another superbowl is when mark davis sales the team to a billionaire. Then the sea of yellow flags will stop drowning us. We had a bye week to prepare for the pats. What did we do? While they are training in hire elevations, we are not. And it showed..for that del rio should be fired. He peaked. He did it in Jacksonville now is doing it in Oakland. Reggie should have been gone years ago, he Got two draft pick right, Carr and Mack, how about all the good ones he passed on. We end up with bust and ir’s. Why did we stop giving it to lynch. No more bo jackson kia commercials, so now we losing. Fire del rio. Fire reggie. Get a coach and gm who can cook, all the ingredients are there to make something good. This loss was unacceptable.

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