Is Jon Gruden Saving His Offensive Playbook For Las Vegas?

There’s not a lot interesting to talk about when it comes to the Raiders right now, but a new theory on why they look so bad popped up on Friday and it’s so obvious bizarre it might actually make sense. It might also be an idea that’s crossed your mind before now.

Derek Papa, who works for 95.7 The Game and is the son of former Raiders voice Greg Papa, believes Jon Gruden isn’t just dumping talent, but he may also be holding back his best play-calling effort with an eye on unveiling his complex offense closer to Las Vegas.

“You mean to tell me that the young creative play calling OG that taught Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan is getting schooled by his protégés?” the younger Papa wrote in a 95.7 The Game blog post.

“Gruden is not dumb. The real Jon Gruden would make that Chucky face and scream at his team for this display. So, he can say he’s not tanking. But this roster is set up to fail and it’s obvious to me Jon Gruden is not trying his hardest as a coach. He is withholding his play calling for Vegas.”

For what it’s worth, the Raiders offense does seem to have been simplified at times since the opener against the Rams. Gruden may not be tanking by way of bad play-calling, but is the alternative that he’s become an ineffective play caller? Certainly the offensive line has been bad, but even when the offensive line was playing at an elite level in 2016, former OC Bill Musgrave was careful to leave extra blockers in to protect the quarterback. Gruden has rarely done the same despite having two rookie tackles.

And yes, Gruden is either mellowing with age, or he also isn’t showing the same fire (or temper might be a better word) we’re used to seeing from him on the sideline.

Another interesting nugget from Papa was a note on Al Davis, who was apparently considering bringing back Gruden shortly before he (Davis) passed away in 2011.

“Guess who I just talked to?” Papa said Davis told his father sometime between 2009 and 2011. “Jon Gruden. We’re just talking. But I’m considering it.”

It obviously didn’t happen, but if it had happened, you can be sure of one thing… Davis would have re-signed Khalil Mack and he never would have signed off on an organizational tank job.

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2 thoughts on “Is Jon Gruden Saving His Offensive Playbook For Las Vegas?

  1. nobody would have signed khalil mack………..defensive players don’t win championships and defensive players that cost over 100 million CAUSE your team to lose b/c they eat up the salary cap.

    the bears and mack will NEVER win a superbowl

    tattoo that **** on your head

    and why the **** are you still talking about mack? that **** was months ago.

    you fucking suck as a beat writer

    1. Lol,
      but I was thinking the same thing in regards to the offense. Gru ain’t gonna show nada’ until he has an offense to execute.
      We’re seeing the same plays over and over, almost like grade school football. I think we look at a FA qb though during off season. I think Gru was expecting a Car that was ready to roll, get creative, be strong like Plunkett, Stabler or even Cannon and under any circumstance, this perfect pocket **** has got to stop
      anyway, we could go on……….

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