Is Rich Gannon An Ideal Fit To Work Between Gruden And Carr?

Rich Gannon said he has not yet discussed a potential reunion with Jon Gruden, but a number of reports have indicated Gruden would like to bring Gannon to Oakland as his quarterbacks coach.

Gruden addressed the Gannon rumors on Tuesday saying he was “not quite sure where we are going, but you always know I’m interested in Rich Gannon.”

In theory, Gannon checks every box to be a good quarterbacks coach.

The problem, some would say, is Gannon has never coached in the NFL and would bring a dynamic to Gruden’s coaching staff that’s at least unpredictable.

Gannon is a fiery, opinionated type. So is Gruden. And when he’s at his best, so is Derek Carr.

Is there a healthy limit to the level of combustibility among the coaches and Carr?

Last year, the Raiders lacked strong voices among their coaching staff. In that respect, change will be good.

Nevertheless, there are aspects of Gannon’s personality that have translated well to television that may not necessarily carry over as well to coaching.

By all means get the band back together, and Gannon may be exactly who Carr needs in his ear, but the idea that Gannon would be a slam dunk working between Gruden and Carr… that might be a little optimistic.

But who’s not willing to give it a try?

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2 thoughts on “Is Rich Gannon An Ideal Fit To Work Between Gruden And Carr?

  1. Gannon seems like a great guy to have as a QB coach and I hope some team brings him on as such, but not the Raiders. I think that would put too many chefs in the kitchen. With Gannon being completely green to ANY mgmt position, you wouldn’t expect him to seamlessly jump right into it, either. Rich should go get some experience, then maybe look to join the Raiders in 2-3 yrs.

  2. The ideal situation would be for Derek Carr to hire Gannon as his personal trainer so he is not affiliated with the Raiders and does not need to worry about the limitations in the CBA. Brady had a personal trainer that accompanied the Patriots so its no unprecedented. At $125 MM, Derek can afford to personally hire Gannon and Gannon does not need to give up his announcing carreer. Derek will get a better understanding of what Gruden wants and demands, have a former NFL qb, that played well under Gruden, helping him and Gannon stays somewhat involved with the Raiders and Gruden.

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