Is This The Year The Raiders Finally Draft A Top Running Back?

With Jon Gruden now officially on board in Oakland, the Raiders draft become instantly more interesting.

General manager Reggie McKenzie has focused heavily on defense in recent drafts, but there’s a chance Gruden turns the tide this year.

The position to watch will be running back.

So many who know Gruden say he loves a versatile every-down type running back.

On a side note, Gruden has also made several references to a fullback.

McKenzie would rather belly flop off the Golden Gate Bridge than draft a running back in the first round, but this could be the year it happens.

With teams like the Cowboys and Rams getting MVP-type seasons from first-round running backs, it may be time for McKenzie to adjust his philosophy.

After a report last week that offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave lobbied hard for Derrick Henry in the second round of the 2016 draft, McKenzie still has a little egg residue on his face from taking defensive lineman Jihad Ward instead.

He should be primed and ready to concede an early-round running back to Gruden.

Whether it’s Penn State running back Saquon Barkley (which would take some luck), Stanford running back Bryce Love, or one of the many SEC speedsters, this might just be the year McKenzie takes the plunge (not off the bridge though).

And while he’s operating out of character, no one would complain if he drafted a good linebacker, too.

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10 thoughts on “Is This The Year The Raiders Finally Draft A Top Running Back?

  1. We need a running back Richard is Good need more touches 33 has to go tip toes too much and fumbles Beast Mode ok but a distraction, Seth Roberts Johnny Hilton don’t catch enough Balls need a possession type receiver like Crabtree but with more speed, Cooper give him one more year he needs to develop a mean streak

  2. We need to draft best available regardless of position, we have so many needs on defense and a few on offense. I see our main needs for defense being MLB, DT, CB,SS, DE and OLB. On offense our needs are, RB, OT, and WR. Our offense is pretty solid. Our defense is another story it has been bad for a while not sure how much was the Defensive Coordinator but I do know the defense did show improvement after KNJ was fired. The new staff and the front offense really have to get together and determine what style of defense the Raiders are going to run and evaluate the talent we have.

  3. Keep Bowman 1 more Year Lee to learn from him Morrow hybrid draft explosive rb big right tackle give Salford shot at te. New coaching should help. Groom cook as back up or trade

  4. Sony Michel from Georgia would be a perfect fit in Gruden’s offense. Flat out playmaker who would excel in a ZBS or power scheme with his ability to make defenders miss and catching the ball out of the backfield. Love the guy’s vision and explosiveness. Has some traits similar to Kamara.

  5. I don’t know why everyone seem to keep repeating the same crap about Lynch being a distraction. If everyone on the played as hard as he ran, we would be watching this team in the playoffs. I agree with Sony Michel from Georgia. I don’t watch a lot of college football but I was very impressed with him in the playoff games. I don’t think Richard or Washington is the answer.

  6. Lynch ran hard but he undermined Carrs leadership in the locker room. He did whatever he wanted and the coaches were to spineless to tell him anything. It rubbed other players the wrong way and it affected the locker room. Pretty sad considering these guys are paid professionals.

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