It Might Be Time for Raider Fans to Focus on These 3 Quarterbacks in the Draft

The Raiders have considered the idea of moving up in the draft to take a quarterback, but with news this week that the Vikings added another first-round pick, it’s starting to feel like the Raiders might not have a path to one of the top four quarterbacks in the draft.

In fact, it sounds like the first four picks in the draft might end up being quarterbacks.

“With two first-round picks, the Vikings now own the draft capital to fly up the board for a quarterback. The latest leaguewide rumor has the Vikings trading to No. 4 overall, where the Cardinals are in a sweet spot to trade out with a quarterback-needy team,” ESPN’s Matt Miller reported this week.

What that means for the Raiders is they can probably forget about getting Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye and/or J.J. McCarthy.

So who would be the next best quarterbacks on the board?

According to Sports Illustrated‘s Hondo Carpenter, two names to watch for the Raiders are Michael Penix and Spencer Rattler.

Both quarterbacks have been generally projected to be selected in the late first round or second round of the draft. Rattler could drop, but many see the South Carolina quarterback as having a higher upside than Penix.

“I think there’s a couple of guys that they really like at the quarterback position, and I think that they have probably come to the realization that one of them and probably the second is not going to be there… not going to be available,” Hondo said on the Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast. “I think there are some guys later in the draft. I think [Michael] Penix, Spencer Rattler are some guys that I think that they like, [but] maybe not [in the] first-round.”

A lot can change with the NFL draft still more than a month away, but it feels like the Raiders have chosen to take a cautious approach to the quarterback position.

For now, Penix and Rattler are two names that Raider fans might want to get familiar with, but there’s also a chance that one or both of them could be off the board when the Raiders pick in the second round.

In that case, the other name to watch could be Bo Nix. He should be available in the second round, but does he fit what the Raiders are trying to do at quarterback?

At least one NFL media personality thinks so.

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7 thoughts on “It Might Be Time for Raider Fans to Focus on These 3 Quarterbacks in the Draft

  1. Why didn’t the try to get Fields, couldn’t give up fourth round pick for a number one ridiculous you guys bring in these office guys and coaches to continue hurting the team disappointment after disappointment.

  2. the Media needs to stop with the JJ McCarthy and Bo Nix Overhype they’re not first round or even second round talent. McCarthy barely threw the ball at Michigan and Nix is 26 years old ran from competition in the SEC to play against 18 19 20 and 21 year Olds. neither couldn’t make all the needed throws at the combine. Please stop with the Overhype for 2 below average Quarterbacks. it’s Ridiculous.

  3. I saw Penix play vs Michigan in a big game. He can really sling the long ball. I don’t recall if he ran much. Picking him would give us 3 different QBs. I don’t know what his stats are, but he was so so against the UM defense. He could develop into something special however. I think Nix can pass and run, and is very good at both. I have no opinion on Rattler. Our coaches will have an interesting time deciding how each will fit and if any are worth a #1 round pick.

  4. While you are playing around with a 3rd string quarterback, Raider fans would appreciate it if you re-build the 1983 defense. With that defense, any rookie quarterback could lead the Raiders to a new super bowl title. A great defense will take any offence into the playoffs. Stop looking at the “Glory” and start building a foundation. Mark Davis, you keep trying to build a house on sand, and it keeps washing away.

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