It’s Time for Antonio Brown to Stop Worrying About Football and Worry about Himself

Antonio Brown might want to think of a new catchphrase soon, because business ain’t boomin’ anymore. And maybe it never was.

After sabotaging his relationship with the Steelers, it took Brown only 179 days to throw away $30 million in guaranteed money from the Raiders. Now 12 days later, AB is looking back at $9 million in lost money from the Patriots.

Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is already talking about AB’s next team, but it’s time for someone to step up and give Brown the life support that he needs. Maybe that person can be Rosenhaus or maybe it can be the “grandma” that AB called right after dancing around in his backyard like a fool. But Brown’s inner circle is small and it seems that few stay in that circle for long – which can unfortunately be one of the telltale signs of someone dealing with a mental health condition.

Brown’s behavior has been erratic and he checks more than enough boxes to think he might be in need of mental health supports. He is exhausting to those around him, he can’t sit still, and is becoming increasingly delusional. There have been paranoid behaviors, mood swings, fits of rage, and now serious accusations of criminal behavior.

These can all be signs of a mental health condition and the worry right now should be that it’s more than a learned behavior that is sabotaging Brown’s football career. Making matters worse is the fact that AB seems to have a built-in core of enablers in his life.

Once the money dries up (which might be soon) and his career is gone (which might be now), what will AB fall back on to satisfy his constant need for attention?

The social media crowds won’t care when he isn’t catching touchdowns and what happens to AB when he’s broke and irrelevant? Considering his immense pride and steady thirst for attention, we probably shouldn’t rule out anything – and that’s something that should concern everyone right about now, especially his family and those who claim to be his friend.

It’s easy to root against AB after the stunt he pulled on the Raiders, but right now he’s a grown man falling apart. He can’t get out of his own way and apparently isn’t well enough to realize it. Brown’s football career is practically lost and if he doesn’t get help soon, the last thing left for him to sabotage might be his life.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Antonio Brown to Stop Worrying About Football and Worry about Himself

  1. He’s going to do what most people like this do. Find a bunch of younger people that’ll follow him. That’s why towards the end of his raiders tenure he was only hanging out with rookies. To them he’s a star. He’ll be at a high school near you soon.. that’s the worst part. Flock to the ignorant when the wise despise.

  2. All he has left is social media , youtube , etc. When people get bored with him , and they will…he will fade into obscurity . I imagine his wife isn’t happy with all this , and will divorce him and take the kids plus half his money. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving fool. He is done. He is a danger to himself and others , when this all sinks in. When he realizes it is all truly over.

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