Jamele Hill Thought Raiders Were Foolish to Dump AB, but Patriots Apparently Geniuses

In his unrelenting effort to sabotage his own career and bring down as many teams with him as possible, Antonio Brown spent parts of the last two weeks getting dumped by both the Raiders and the Patriots.

The Raiders, of course, don’t tend to win as many games as the Patriots, and one of the perks of being a winning organization is that you tend to get the benefit of the doubt from most media outlets and the referees. The Raiders, on the other hand, generally get mocked for about anything, so the last two weeks offered a nice opportunity to watch both the Raiders and the Patriots enjoy a little extra media coverage on account of Mr. Big Chest.

For today’s fun, let’s look at Jamele Hill’s take on the Raiders unwillingness to guarantee Brown $30 million after six weeks of a full-fledged clown and circus act from AB.

Jemele Hill on Twitter

The Raiders went in for that last bit of petty by voiding his guaranteed money and this has fully blown up in their faces. That is not good management, folks.

Now let’s fast-forward 13 days to when the Patriots decided to part ways with Brown and see what she had to say. Remember, Brown literally tried to sabotage the Raiders season while he legitimately tried to be a member of the Patriots.

Jemele Hill on Twitter

The accuracy. https://t.co/rhjkJ2DKS1


Jemele Hill on Twitter

Ya hate to see it. https://t.co/tTuS4QQSZi

Hill also seemed to praise the idea of the Patriots signing Brown (before it happened) while blasting the Raiders “ego” for trying to change the player. Then said the Raiders “played their part” in the dysfunction that followed AB around during training camp and preseason.

What were they supposed to do… supervise him in a French cryotherapy chamber?

Maybe they should have painted his favorite middle school helmet and trick the NFL into thinking it was a helmet from this decade?

Or should Mike Mayock have been more understanding when Brown so eloquently deemed him a “white devil”?

Call it media bias if you want, but these takes all feel like just plain stupid.

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13 thoughts on “Jamele Hill Thought Raiders Were Foolish to Dump AB, but Patriots Apparently Geniuses


  2. It’s sickening how Today’s Media tries to control the way you think! She belittled the Raiders for letting the Trouble go. And then Praises the Patriots for doing the same? Talk about 2 faced. Just because she doesn’t care for the Raiders she bad mouths them even tho they are really trying to change there. It’s because of people like her that make it hard for others to come up and Change. Our Media Reports Fake news and Opinions as Real news to much a people believe it!! Bad Form Lady! Must be a Snowflake- jump on people who are down to agree with people who are winning now!

  3. AB is a clown. Self centered. Everything is about him and not the team. Now the accusations are co.ing from women and he has no where to go. Good riddance. Too much talent and no brains!!

  4. I have been a Raider fan all of my football life of 54 years and we have to put up with hate always and in many ways when Snake,Plunket,Marcus,Bo,Gannon and many other greats come along these stupid haters pretend that they have liked the Raiders. Only for a moment waiting for the next negative event to marr our team, the TUCK,and this AB thing, all the calls against us,yet NE Pats benifit weekly from favourable officiating and now Hill trashes us and praises them.Bull. We did not know he was a perve. We got rid of him and figured it out without help. I think Mayock is an early leader for Executive of the Year.

  5. I’m sorry who is she, what has she done and why should I care what she thinks, to be honest at first i thought it was a dude.

  6. Jemele Hill is one those people that trys to say anything that is in with the popular side…most people hate on the Raiders so she tries to please them by writing stories to make them happy but at same time she total hypocrite ..she so focused on pleasing whats popular that she makes herself unreliable as a writer..everyone says pats were smart to get rid of AB so she says that also…when every said Raiders look like fools trying to please AB then letting him go she says same thing as they do…i just wonder how she got that job you know it wasnt because of her own skills cause she has none…

  7. Jamele Hill must be stuck on stupid! She must be to have written something so stupid. I bet she wouldn’t of written it if it was her family member! She should be ashamed of herself!

  8. The one difference is the Raiders gave up a 3rd and a 5th, while the Patriots gave up nothing. But still, credit the Raiders for cutting their losses and moving on. Jemele Hill has never been a good journalist

  9. Too bad she couldn’t have worked race into her poor assessments. Gonna step on your tongue sooner or later. #yellowjournalism #getofftheair #soundslikeaguy.

  10. Jamele Hill LOVES to play the victim, so it’s natural that she sides with AB as he plays the victim too. Neither want to be held accountable for their own actions and if and when they are … they will claim it’s solely based on the “ism” of the day. These two volunteer victims deserve each other.

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