Jets Listening to Trade Offers for Leonard Williams, Raiders in the Mix?

The Raiders are rumored to be interested in trading for a pass rusher and one of the popular names linked to them has been Jets defensive end Leonard Williams.

Williams is a southern California native who talked hopefully about going to the Raiders before the 2015 draft. The Raiders opted for Amari Cooper with the fourth overall pick that year, but now in the final year of his rookie deal, it sounds like the Jets are at least considering offers for Williams.

“I think [the Jets] absolutely are listening on Leonard Williams,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on his Monday podcast. “I think the question will become whether they can find an attractive enough offer…”

The Raiders could certainly use Williams, but his $14.2 million cap number and expiring contract make him a lot less desirable for any team considering a trade. Unless Williams would sign a new deal at the time of the trade, it wouldn’t make sense for the Raiders to dump a high pick on him without the certainty that he would hang around for more than a portion of one season.

If they are interested, one idea the Raiders might consider with Williams is a patient approach (as in not trading for him), and they would probably have a good chance of signing him as a free agent in five months. Williams would probably welcome the idea of moving back to the west coast and Las Vegas would offer him a significant tax break on a new deal. With that being a potential option, it seems unlikely the Raiders would offer anything more than a mid-round pick for Williams — and maybe not even that.

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3 thoughts on “Jets Listening to Trade Offers for Leonard Williams, Raiders in the Mix?

  1. He’s not a Southern California native. He went to school at USC but he’s from Florida.

  2. the raiders have good o line which is the first thing a football team needs a good quaterback now they need defence a good one can always keep u in the game ether draft good pass rush or cornerbacks this a passing league running backs an wide outs are easy to get please get some d

  3. They need to do something already. The NFL needs to come down on the”Refs” for all those bullshit calls they make for their of
    or the leagues teams. If the patriots are the best team, they should’ve had the raiders schedule. It’s no longer football, it’s NEL. E for entertainment league. And they need to build NFL veterans hospital for everybody who played for it and need but can’t afford medical care.

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