Jon Gruden Planning To “Overhaul” The Raiders Roster?

With the NFL free agency period set to begin in just over a month, all eyes are on Jon Gruden and his plans for the Raiders’ roster.

Will he simply plug in a few roster spots or will the latest Gruden era begin with a full roster reset?

Beat writer Steve Corkran knows Gruden well from the coach’s first stint with the team and Corkran has made a couple of interesting reports in the past 48 hours.

Corkran indicated on Tuesday that Gruden and his staff have completed their evaluation process of the Raiders’ roster and have made determinations on many of the players.

Corkran believes Gruden is now planning to overhaul the roster – a term that isn’t particularly ambiguous in its meaning.

It isn’t known if Gruden has already met with Marshawn Lynch or Michael Crabtree, but Lynch will at least be in the area this weekend.

Teams are free to release players at any time, but football’s version of ‘March Madness’ doesn’t kick off until March 14 when teams are permitted to begin signing free agents.

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4 thoughts on “Jon Gruden Planning To “Overhaul” The Raiders Roster?

  1. Obviously, more work needed on the defensive side in terms of players. Last years offensive scheme and change to zone blocking moved the Raiders backward. You can’t fix everything in one year so overhauling the entire roster is impossible. Tweak the offensive side for now and focus on the defense in free agency and the draft. The offensive fix is more about scheme than players. The defense is more about players than scheme.

  2. This team was a broken leg away from a deep run the season prior to this one, perhaps winning it all. They are nowhere close to needing a “complete overhaul” if they are/were that close to a ring if not for a freak injury.

    1. They had some really good luck, we only had 2 or 3 dominant performances that year. It was really just a bunch of games where we played terrible, our sub-par defense kept us in, and then we barely squeaked by to win in the 4th quarter. Those games could have went either way, and with guys like Carr, we really had little to no consistency…to imply we could have won it all is a joke. We were still picked apart by competent teams.

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