Josh Jacobs Says He Didn’t Want to Come Back to the Raiders and Lose on a Discount Deal

Since his departure in free agency, there has been a lot of discussion about how hard the Raiders tried to bring back Josh Jacobs.

Some have reported that the Raiders offered a deal to Jacobs that was comparable to what he signed with the Packers, but others have suggested that Green Bay’s offer was significantly more than what the Raiders were willing to pay.

In an appearance last week on the Green Light With Chris Long, Jacobs talked about his departure from the Raiders, and took a few gentle jabs at his former team…

“The most frustrating thing about it all I feel like, especially when you got like me, Tae, and Maxx… you got guys that come in every day and work hard, and you don’t get the results. And then it gets to the point where like, ‘Okay, I’m working hard, and I’m doing every little detail, every little step, and I’m still not getting the results. So I didn’t have the answers. And that’s the part that was the most frustrating. It’s like, okay, you do everything that you’re asked of, but you still don’t get the result that you want or this or that. And it’s like you’ll be close, but every year you’re close, but it’s not winning. So that was a big thing for me, too. I’m like, ‘Man, you all want me to come back on a discount and lose? I don’t know how I feel about that.'”

What we don’t know is whether or not Jacobs considers his deal with the Packers to be a discount.

Does he see the Packers as a “discount and win” opportunity?

It’s unlikely that the details of the Raiders’ offer to Jacobs will be made public, but it’s a fair assumption that the emergence of third-year running back Zamir White made the Raiders a little more comfortable with the idea of losing the league’s former rushing champion.

At 26 years old, Jacobs is still in the prime of his career, but already has 1,305 NFL carries on his resume. He leaves the Raiders as the organization’s third-leading rusher with 5,545 career rushing yards, behind only Marcus Allen (8,545) and Mark van Eeghen (5,907).

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3 thoughts on “Josh Jacobs Says He Didn’t Want to Come Back to the Raiders and Lose on a Discount Deal

  1. Josh has been one of the most prolific and consistent rb in the NFL and his contribution to the Raiders and been immense though he wasn’t always utilized by bad coaching who would rely upon his ground game then abandon it even though he was successful at moving the ball and when there drives would move them down the field and in scoring position just short of a 1st down they’d throw the ball incomplete instead of relying on how you got there (Jacob’s talent) then settle for 3, seen it time and time again then in the 2nd half they abandoned the run completely..extremely poor coaching. Frustrating to watch year in year out and I’m sure immensely frustrating for Josh but this is a business and with running backs not commanding top dollar anymore and the turnover after contracts are up it’s obviously Zeus’ deserved turn in the backfield. Thanks for making the lean years exciting Josh, once a Raider always a Raider!

  2. Can’t blame him,he has a Chance to win a Championship in Green Bay ,the Raiders are Two Seasons away from being contenders (maybe)

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