Karl Joseph: Top 10 Hits at West Virginia

After a career of decapitating opponents, you throw on the tape and it’s easy to see why Karl Joseph was the target of so many teams leading up to the draft.

A jackhammer standing just under 5’10, Joseph is the complete package coming out of Morgantown. Had it not been for a knee injury his senior season, I think you’re looking at a player gone inside the top ten.

Like all of you, I crave that unadulterated stank, so I took the advice of hard-hitting, former Eagles’ safety, Brian Dawkins.

Buckle up.

One: Claiming a body in Texas.

Two: Nearly breaking Doctson.

Three: Throwing around 280 pounds with ease.

Four: Folding ’em up.

Five: Different state, new back, same result.

SixThis is aptly titled; turn up your volume.

Seven: Karl’s not worried about being “too small”.

Eight: I think he hates Oklahoma.

Nine: Shutting down Perine.

Ten: Range on display, followed by pure destruction; queue the Jim Ross voice-over.

Credit to Draft Breakdown. Their staff is top-notch, and they always keep the content coming. The offseason wouldn’t be possible without them.

Secondly, thanks to Mr. Doug Cross. I’ve plugged these videos a couple of times now, and if you haven’t checked them out at this point, I’d suggest you change that. Doug’s done some incredible work here with highlights we were able to pull for your viewing pleasure.

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1 thought on “Karl Joseph: Top 10 Hits at West Virginia

  1. This is a wait and see situation. Joseph is coming of an ACL injury and we need to see him on the field before we are able to put him in the hall of fame. I am not saying Joseph will not be a great player, but some guys never come back as the same player they were prior to the injury. I am hoping he will be back at full strength. I do not like taking injured players in the first round, but you have to go with what RM is doing. Hopefully this works out, because Hayden sure has not worked out so far.

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