Khalil Mack Boosts Bears Gambling Odds, But Not As Much As You Might Think

What impact will the loss of Khalil Mack have on the Raiders this year? Obviously, Jon Gruden’s team is no better, but will the measured impact (or lack thereof) be worth $141 million?

Only time will tell, but the betting industry makes a lot of money on predicting these things and the Bovada sports book reacted to the impact Mack will have on the Bears – and the projections haven’t changed a lot.

The Bears estimated win total jumped from 6.5 to 7 while their chances of winning the NFC jumped from 33/1 to 30/1. Also, their odds of winning the NFC North went from 9/1 to 8/1. That’s good news if you are a Bears fan, but at the cost of $141 million and a couple high draft picks, there is at least a case to be made against the move.

For what it’s worth, the Bovada win total for the Raiders this year is sitting at 7.5 – right about the same place as the Bears.

Also interesting, though unrelated to betting odds, was Hue Jackson’s reaction on Hard Knocks to the Bears trading two first-round picks for Mack.

He seemed to think the price was steep that the Bears paid. His team, the Browns, were said to be among the serious teams in the running to acquire Mack.

Admittedly, it’s hard to take Hue’s opinion seriously after giving up a king’s ransom for a quarterback at home eating Cheetos on the couch. But considering the Raiders had to give up a second-round pick in the Mack deal, the Bears actually got Mack for a similar price to what Hue paid for Carson Palmer.

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