Latest Video From Antonio Brown Showed His True Colors. Again.

Who would have imagined that a two-minute video from Antonio Brown on Friday night would be capable of causing such a stir?

Umm, everyone actually.

This is what he does and apparently now this is what we do – patiently wait around to have our minds blown by the next outrageous stunt from the Raiders $50 million wide receiver.

Jon Gruden reportedly didn’t have a problem with the video, or the fact that his phone call with Brown was recorded, and that’s great – albeit not entirely believable.

What was concerning about the video wasn’t the fact that AB recorded the conversation. And it really doesn’t matter when the conversation was edited or when it happened. The issue, as usual, is what’s going on in Brown’s head and Friday afternoon’s peak into his mind shouldn’t have been encouraging to anyone.

A emotional Friday morning apology in front of the team? Yeah, that way as well have not happened. He was clear in the video that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong – and he told reporters as much on Friday afternoon.

Dianna on Twitter

Antonio Brown told me there was never a scuffle at practice. He said he did not use the word “cracker” and would never use that word…Everything has been blown out of proportion” “I spoke with Mike Mayock 1-on-1, man-to-man.” #Raiders

The video itself was fine, and everyone got a good laugh. But the fact that it was released after his apology shows how little the apology meant to Brown. It made a mockery of any remorse he showed earlier in the day for an incident that almost cost him $30 million guaranteed.

An apology from Brown was what the team wanted before allowing him to return, but sincerity in the apology apparently wasn’t part of the stipulation. AB doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong and he made that clear on Friday night.

By all means enjoy the show, but it’s hard to imagine Gruden putting up with Brown’s circus act for a full season. You could hear it in his voice in the recording. He’s tired.

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