Leonard Williams “Wouldn’t Mind Slipping” To The Raiders

Leonard Williams shocked a few people today when said he “wouldn’t mind slipping” in the draft to Oakland. The Raiders (and their fans) have become accustomed to a different sentiment from prospective players (particularly free agents), but Williams who grew up a Raiders fan, is embracing the idea of falling to the fourth pick.


The truth is, Williams has been lobbying to be a Raider all year. When the Raiders beat Buffalo in late December, it didn’t look like they would be in position to draft Williams – and he wasn’t happy.


He also put this image on Instragram at the end of the season – presumably that’s not intended to be an image of Antonio Smith with long hair.


Williams would like to be drafted with the top pick, but it doesn’t happen, he’ll have his eye on the Raiders. Tennessee and Jacksonville obviously wouldn’t be a disappointment, but it’s at least interesting that he hasn’t jockeyed (at least not like this) for a return to Florida where he went to high school.

For what it’s worth (nothing at all?), national insiders Adam Schefter and Peter King both project the Raiders to draft Williams with the fourth pick.