Lincoln Kennedy: Raiders Offense Has Become “Incredibly Predictable”

Raiders color commentator Lincoln Kennedy might have an answer for why the Raiders offense has fallen off a cliff in the second half of the season.

Maybe the problem is that opposing defenses have seen too much of what the Raiders keep going back to on offense. Chiefs defenders hinted at the idea a few weeks ago and Kennedy had something similar to say during an appearance on the Going Deep podcast (with Luke Straub and Larry Marbley) this week.

“This is why I’m conflicted,” Kennedy said Monday on the Going Deep podcast. “It’s part system, and it’s also part attitude and player. They both get equal blame. But the bottom line is that our offense is incredibly predictable. They run a play. If it works all they do 2-3 plays later is they flip it and run it the other way. Are you kidding me? Are we playing Madden here?”

“You want to go back to that Kansas City safety pick-six,” Kennedy added. “They ran the same play the week before. Threw it to the same place. Threw it to Tyrell Williams and got a first down the week before. You don’t think these guys watch film?”

If accurate, a predictable offense would offer one of the better explanations for the offensive struggles under Gruden in the second half of games. Certainly Carr has input into what the offense is running, but prior to Gruden’s arrival, Carr tended to play far better in the second half of games. In fact, that was the knock on him under Bill Musgrave: slow starts.

Whatever the issue, Gruden is going to need to figure it out soon. $100 million contract or not, Raiders owner Mark Davis isn’t going to accept losing in Las Vegas at any cost.

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71 thoughts on “Lincoln Kennedy: Raiders Offense Has Become “Incredibly Predictable”

    1. I’m sick of hearing Raiders fans bash Carr. He is not the freakin’ problem. Either we don’t have wide receivers with the ability to get open or Gruden, not Carr, has them running short, predictable routes. When Carr has time he’s money. How many drops do his receivers have this year??? Did you watch the last Raiders-Chiefs game? How many times did Romo use the illustrator to show that all the receivers were covered and Carr had no where to go with the ball. Gruden needs to ditch this offense and hire an offensive coordinator to bring in something else… and go out and get a true #1 receiver. That is how you fix the Raiders offensive funk. Defense??? That’s a whole different story.

      1. Where were you when Carr threw INT’s inexplicably or called a timeout at the wrong time. No matter the coach or system he’s mediocre at best. Play calling needs help and that means a better QB. All he did last season was hit Cook the TE.
        He goes through brain fogs. We have multiple problems and face it Carr is one of them. He can’t go deep, he’s only good for check downs and 15-25 yd routes. He couldn’t get the ball Cooper deep but Dak sure can. our last really good QB was Gannon who played under…. yep, Grunden. It is what is bro!

        1. Not to compare Carr to Brady (lots of reasons) but Brady has 6 SB rings and 15 something conference championships throwing check downs and 15-25yd routes…. that’s not the issue.

          Predictability and lack of receivers getting open is a lot of the issue, IMO. Carr might not be the next patrick mahomes, but he can run an offense. I’d like to see them upgrade other positions before looking at Carr (WR, CB’s, S, LB). We REALLY need someone who can stay active all season to be the play caller on the defensive side (Sorry Burfict, but your reputation seems to be chasing you around) .

          Last year they won 4 games, this year they might win 8, I’d be thrilled if they take the same step next year and win 11 or 12 games, They’d solidly be in playoff talks.

      2. Thank God somebody other than me gets it. HOLY CRAP thank you Lincoln. Now tell Gruden and don’t be nice about it he needs humble pie

      3. Matt, I agree. I went to the Jacksonville game, he wasn’t missing any receivers, they couldn’t get open.
        DC is not going to be a top 5 QB but he will win games and run the system very well.
        As well, he has to try to make things happen because the defense is really bad.

    2. Really? I don’t know, he’s still completing 70% of his passes, which is one of the highest in the league

      1. No kidding. All these receivers except Renfrow and Waller need to go. These receivers have no desire to catch the ball. It’s one thing to not have the physical gifts, it’s clearly another to not want the ball.

    3. Plain and simple the Raiders should release Carr and focus on a QB draft pick. He lost his spark ever since he had his injury.

    4. Wrong. Carr does not miss wide open receivers more than any other QB in the league. The west coast offense is dink and dunk, but when carr does air it out he has one of the best comp %s in the league when his passes arent bouncing off the recievers hands. They need to open it up and They need to add more wrinkles to it.

  1. Well we do love the fact that it was Al Davis’s son who respected the Raiders so much that he bought them a brand new venue and if I may we will plan to chalk up or not keep our goal and without any distance give him all of thee beniffits and yes in Las Vegas forever RaiderNation I

    1. Raiders lost there passion for the game and unfortunately you just can’t simply go through the motions out there..the other team is beating you to the punch man ..knock on wood if your with me..give me a F’n break..

      1. Let’s get a decent defense first …. Then decide I’d we need to put a different offense in ….. Y’all forgeting grudens offense needs a rushing game …. These last four weeks jacobs wasnt himself at the jets …. N missed evetygame since ….

      2. Amen!!! At least Black Jack Delrio had the guts to go for 4 & short on several occasions. Gruden acts like he no confidence in his own play calling.
        Pretty bad when your top player is your punter!

    1. Gruden needs to get real coaches and get his head out his but. Ron Rivera who be an outstanding defensive coordinator but Grudens insecurities won’t allow anyone to bring him to Vegas. Now if Gruden will allow the general manager to do his job we could have some good players. As always Gruden brings all the old dudes. Derek Carr is not the problem . Like any quarterback he needs blocking and if they can’t get a better offensive line then Jacob’s is going to get jacked up. Receivers is a big #1 position needed. Quit experimenting on has been and go after some good players. I can see why our rookie safety was injured and that’s because he’s a hard hitter. The rest is because they’re either old or not in good shape..the Raiders need a lot of defensive players who can really play and quit the excuses. That’s why they need a real good defensive coordinator. And also a real good offensive coordinator. Gruden gets coaches that are friends and that combination isn’t going to win games let alone championship.

  2. Your absolutely right Carr needs to drive the ball and stop lofting them and Gruden needs to grow up times are changing and we need to win now I believe with his conservative playcalling he’s holding us back from a Super Bowl contention and he needs to start developing our younger guys like Nathan Peterman ect. ect.

  3. Both Carr and Gruden needs to pledge money back to the raiders organization for getting paid and doing nothing it’s only the right thing to do car is regressing scared to throw the ball scared to scramble scared to stay in a pocket for more than a second and Gruden is still playing back in the 90s and 80s it’s 2020 come on something have to give We need to return back to glory Now!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have been stating that since the beginning of the year on twitter. I watch the games and tell my wife what they going to do. When Carr is under center the way he stands lets you know which he is turning to hand off the ball. Players are giving the play away also, such as Waller. If he gets down in a stance and puts his hand in the dirt its a run and if he doesnt its a pass. Carr also gives it away because he feels he has to change the play, but defenses show him one thing, he changes it and it just what they wanted him to do. The Raiders play 3 downs and punt. They should try on 4th more. This offense needs real discipline by everyone, especially Gruden. Gruden should think of letting someone call plays in first half. More NO HUDDLE. More 2 back in backfield, like Jacobs and Washington. Guenther is the absolute worst for a coordinator. Needs to go. Gruden should John Butler as Defensive coordinator and corners. He would be great.

  5. Carr has to go, no reason to explain. Get Bridgewater & keep DeShon as back up or bring in Tyrod Taylor or Marrota, as back.
    Get Odell Beckham and Offense is set. Draft all Defense.

      1. Gruden is holding them back with his conservative play calling and they do need better receivers I would like to see more of a 2 back offense also their secondary is awful they can’t cover anyone they’re not discipline.

    1. You think Bridgewater is the solution? The guy who literally did nothing but check down for the Saints while the rest of the team won games? Some Raiders fans really are clueless, Holy Hell. Get Carr some MF weapons and build the defense. Raiders win 10-12 games with a better defense and WR’s this season, and would you even have thought about replacing Carr then? No, bc Raiders would be winning.

      1. That sure agree on how come they don’t let him run the offense for one quarter n let’s see what he can do he doesn’t even have any extra plays on his wrist just incase that should make him more motivate to win oh by the way . Mr Lincoln is right on the money .

    2. Neither Taylor, Bridgewater, or Mariota would be better in this offense. Gruden is the main problem along with no real deal WR’s. Bridgewater looks good with superior coaching. He wouldnt be that good under Gruden. If they are stupid and Carr gets traded somewhere say New England or a team with an actual offensive scheme were all gonna cry.

  6. Carr will never return to his original game, afraid he will get injured again. Plus miller left tackle is over rated for left tackle. He’s him out fans.

  7. Got a feeling they’re going to that carr go and to going to go somewhere else and ball out. It’s not on him. He’s not calling the plays. I don’t know what everybody else is looking for but those receivers aren’t getting open down the field

  8. Derek Carr is straight garbage he’s scared to run the ball I mean lost in the pocket long enough Jon Gruden got rid of all the good Brothers I mean at least give Deshawn Kizer chance to play ball can’t do a worse than car at we still run the ball but there is in a nutshell gluten don’t want a brother running quarterback for the Raiders and there it is just like keep telling you rather lose than see your brother with any any Glory.

    1. **** Your Brother **** Talk….they’d still need WR’s ….they can be brothers…But the one we counted on F’d us…..

      That was some “Brotha” **** too…

    2. Lol yea QB color is the problem. Man some people just bring our black down a peg. You sound ignorant

  9. I believe Gunther showed up help translate the defense scheme with # 55 from Cincinnati. And if many of you remember last time we went to the big game. They two of the best receivers in modern football history in T Brown and J Rice. Pipe dream I wished we had Mcair during that run. Pipe dream.

  10. Look I love the Raiders but everyone saying the play calling is bad or to consistently the same and that’s the reason that we are doing bad isnt really paying attention. Look at the Patriots. I hate saying this, hate hate hate it, but they run a. Offense that does the same plays over and over. Not to much change. The WR and TE do what they have to play the tough way or they are gone. They play as a team. That’s why they win, Brady isnt great, he is good at processing what he has quick and making a decision. On top of that unless you hit him and hit him he shows no fear. Carr may be a good QB but he does seem a little gun shy at times. I haven’t noticed that stance the one guy was talking about on Waller and Carr but I will look at that. As for Pederman he is an ok QB more of a long ball guy. Dont really see him working in this system, time will tell. His thought processing isnt that good though. Overall I’m a loyal fan and will ne that way for life, go Raiders and let’s go Raider Nation!

    1. You are spot on! It’s all about the system, execution and consistency. The Pats have shown excellence even with no-name guys. They’re borderline boring to watch but hard as hell to beat. So like you said it’s not even the play variety as much as it is “putting the right people in the right positions” Ya wanna win then conform and buy in. Good observations. Raider fan for life!

  11. They need bring in the coach that green bay let go mike holdem Carolina ex coach. River to help john these guys been to the super bow before get rid of them bums they have let mike call the plays he call great plays

  12. Somebody nailed it earlier. OC way to predictable, and for the most part unimaginative play calling. Musgraves knew how to both play Carr and how to keep his head right. Used to allow Carr to scramble more so when the shitty dinks snd dunks didn’t work Carr could shoot out and pick up a 1st. Olsen has never done anything meaningful anywhere.

  13. The AB situation still affecting us today. It proved Tyrell not a no.1 reciever, he has talent but he’s Robin not Batman. And what is wrong with Crabtree? I thought he had a decent year after leaving us but now nobody is signing him off waivers. He’s not a no.1 but the chemistry with Carr gotta count for something right? I was excited to see Chucky come back, everybody was… but ****… not what we expected. We deserve better than this. How does a defensive HC takes us to the playoffs and the offensive guru gets us 6 wins?….Oh yeah, we had Mack and Cooooooooooop…smh

  14. The reason Carr has a 70% completion percentage is because he throws to short passing routes which is a staple of the west coast offense being run under Gruden.

    Kennedy is right though. The offense is predictable. That being said, we lack a true #1 receiver on this team and the defense is still atrocious.

  15. I’ve always hated Olsen’s offenses! I new this was going to happen. Still dont understand the hire, dreaded the moment I heard they were interviewing him for the job.

  16. I’ve been a Raiders fan for a long time. And to me, we don’t have a go to WR. And the secondary is terrible💯

  17. Agreed all the WR’s trades the last two years have killed us in the draft for sure. AB played us for sure. I hope he never is able to play again in the NFL. Gruden is a run on 1st down every time guy. Why not mix it up a little and at least short pass for 6 yrds. I agree with everyone that we need a different OC with some imagination. I was excited that Davis brought back Chucky at first but not sure now. I think his ego wont let him accept failures of his own. Its always someone elses fault. He is a guy who seems to never settle on any QB for long. If he moves on from Carr look for a few more years of mediocrity.

  18. Derek carr is straight trash get another quarterback like teddy bridgewater or draft someone carr us not yhe answer and stop getting rid of our top players

  19. Gruden doesn’t like challenging defenses downfield. He prefers crossing routes all over the field to try to confuse defensive backs. He’ll take a shot now and then but he likes the short to intermediate stuff. They won with it in his first stint, but they also played solid defense in those days. That was one of Al Davis’ biggest gripes about Gruden. Al likes the long ball, the deep threat. Carr plays better in a more open offense because he can go off script if he has to. He also needs receivers that understand the scramble drill so when a play does break down and Carr leaves the pocket, they know what to do to give him a target. Renfrow is going to be great in the slot but Williams is strictly a # 2 guy. They need more options at the position and most of all, a stud # 1 receiver.

  20. I’m 62 and a life long Raider. Our offense is so predictable and Carr is run shy every since he was injured. I am with the Raiders in good times and bad. We need a young OC. I felt I knew what Gruden was trying to do but know I am just as confused as he looks on the sideline. We need HELP!!
    The Coach and QB gets the glory and they shall receive the Heat when we are not winning. I don’t know the answer but until Carr get over the fear of getting hurt, we may need to look at changing QB.
    Defense can’t cover period. Needs coaching up.

  21. The problem is the o key coordinator who worked well with Carr was fired. Why I don’t know and that’s Bill Musgrave. Carr has his best years under Musgrave then he gets fired. Why?? Everybody else he’s been mediocre. Gruden is all ego

  22. Gruden has to many ego issues. He has let too many players go that are doing well where their at. What does that tell you. Too many personal reasons involved. With the way the receivers are dropping the ball, how can you honestly put so much blame on Derrick Carr. Keenan Doss was the leading receiver after the first 4 games, what chances has he been given since. Gruden says he’s not fast, and not a very good route runner. Count his target’s, his catch’s, verses his drops and tell me why he’s not playing. Is it because Gruden cut him and had to pay him more to come back from Jacksonville after Gruden’s dream boy A. Brown pulled his s–t. Anyone who couldn’t see that coming needs an eye exam. As well as a lot of the players are doing that have been let go, it comes down to one thing, piss pore coaching. don’t go back to the old day’s of al Davis benching Marcus Allen for 2 year’s over personal reasons. If they can play let them, keep your personal reasons out of it coach’s.

  23. Gruden too conservative,said it 20 years ago. Remember the killer 3rd down call against New England. If you know football you remember what I’m talking about without any more details.

  24. Why is the Ravens doing so well? Tripple threat! Why are the Pats so dependable? Coaching and discipline. A team that has a coach and quarterback that is dependable under the worst situation will give confidence to the rest of the team. The Raiders have not been playing with any noticeable confidence for the last half on this season. If they feel they needed a change to Las Vagas then we feel they need a change of leadership from the coaching staff to the quarterback to the receiver’s to the db’s. Go Raiders hope you do better in your new home!

  25. Every one makes a good point. Gruden needs a OC. Defense needs a new coach. Carr has become to reliant on the little dunk passes. Renfrow should be a every down player. Carr had Cooper and still threw very few passes more than 5 yards. Defense needs to be built so that they can play man to man and not zone. Gruden wake up. Go Raiders

  26. Year after year they near the top of the league in penalties and dropped passes is that Carr’s fault.Cooper didn’t want to stay so you go out and get a headcase that is supposed to be your deep threat and then he decides he rather play in New England.Yhe defense always collapse at the end of the game,I know they have injuries and I like some of what isaw this year , let s hope they draft good and trust the process.

  27. Get Carr 2 number 1 WR in the draft with Waller and renfroe… Jacob’s in the backfield…and a OC…JUST WIN BABY!!

  28. Gruden suck at coaching any team in the n.f.l. He suck at it before with the raiders, and he’s going to suck all over again with the same team. Gruden Suck is his name. Carr is not a very smart QB. This far he has not be able to read defense, or he is at a very low % of been able to do so.

  29. They keep trying to blame Carr when a few weeks ago he was rated 3rd in pass completions. Why isnt anyone talking about the defense that has given up 21 by halftime in most of their games. Idk how you expect to win like that. The organization is just like the govt. always looking for the scape goat.

  30. No one seem to mention it here but he also said in that same Podcast that the ship has sailed on Derek Carr. That’s pretty strong words from a guy he’s pretty connected with that organization that coach and understands that offence.

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