Lincoln Kennedy Still Has “Tuck Rule” Conspiracy Theories

Last week former Raiders OL Lincoln Kennedy was on 95.7 The Game talking Raiders, Patriots, and of course… Tuck Rule conspiracies.

Kennedy said the “tuck” was set in motion by former Raiders CB Eric Allen who told teammates before the play that he “heard Brady in the timeout say he was going to throw the slant.” Allen then jumped the slant and Brady balked on the throw.

As players were celebrating the turnover on the sideline, Greg Biekert was one of the first to realize something wasn’t right. “You know what, “Biekert told teammates, “they’re going to take it away. We’re the Raiders and they’re taking this long.”

Kennedy still has questions about how the process played out. “Since then, I’ve heard many shadow conspiracy theories,” said Kennedy. “I’ve heard they got a phone call from New York” encouraging officials to apply a rule “no one had ever heard of.” A rule that Kennedy still believes wasn’t applied correctly.

Of course a conspiracy theory is just that – a theory. In this case maybe a theory with a little sour grapes. But then again, this is the NFL and they are the Patriots. Right about now, what self-respecting individual would be naïve enough to believe either?