Look For the Raiders to Trade for One of These Five Pass Rushers

Adam Schefter dropped the news on Sunday that the Raiders are planning to be “buyers” before the October 29 trade deadline, specifically targeting linebackers and pass rushers as the deadline draws closer.

The question is, which linebackers and pass rushers might they be considering?

So let’s take a look at their options. For now, just the edge defenders – which is most likely the priority at this point.

Yannick Ngakoue, 24, Jacksonville Jaguars

Ngakoue averaged just under 10 sacks per season in his first three years in the league, so naturally the Jaguars don’t want to pay him. After a brief holdout, Ngakoue has not played quite as well this year and it’s possible that Jacksonville will be willing to trade him. At the very least, the Jaguars are definitely getting calls about Ngakoue and if you’re going to trade away Ramsey, you may as well trade Ngakoue, too.

Leonard Williams, 25, New York Jets

Another very good defensive end that apparently isn’t going to be paid by his current team. Considering the Jets record, they should definitely be considering the trade compensation they could get for Williams before he hits free agency. Williams isn’t an elite pass rusher (7 sacks in his best year), but he fits the mold of a defensive end defensive coordinator Paul Guenther might covet.

Vic Beasley, 27, Atlanta Falcons 

Of all the players on the list, Beasley is probably the most likely to be traded. He’s going to end up somewhere. Beasley recorded 15.5 sacks in 2016, but he hasn’t put up more than five in a season since. Essentially just a speed rusher, Beasley would at least bring a skill set to Oakland that isn’t already on the roster. He should come fairly cheap, too.

Carlos Dunlap, 30, Cincinnati Bengals

A former standout for Guenther in Cincinnati, Dunlap hasn’t been rumored to be on the trade block, but the Bengals are denying every rumor out there. Dunlap has been dealing with a knee ailment, but if healthy he’d instantly become the Raiders best defensive end if traded to Oakland.

Ryan Kerrigan, 31, Washington Redskins

Kerrigan isn’t necessarily on the trade block, but at his age the Redskins would be crazy not to take a solid trade offer for him. Jon Gruden would have the inside scoop on Kerrigan from his brother and Jay Gruden would undoubtedly give a strong reference for the Redskins best defensive player. For what it’s worth, Kerrigan would be a hit with the Raiders. He’s one of the underrated edge defenders in football – even into his 30’s.

Just a guess, but there’s a good chance one of these names ends up in Oakland. And even if the Raiders lose on Sunday, a 3-4 record won’t stop Gruden from trying to add an impact player now. Take that prediction to the bank.

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8 thoughts on “Look For the Raiders to Trade for One of These Five Pass Rushers

  1. Lazy saying Jax would trade Yannick just because they traded Ramsey. Ramsey demanded a trade and sat games out.

  2. There is a short undersized Cornerback, whose name I won’t mention gets constantly beat, play after play after play.

    That also needs to be fixed before every Quarterback the Raiders face during the rest of the season set career highs in touchdowns and yards passing.

    Yes yes yes. Good pass rush and good edge rushing should work in tandem in squeezing the offense. Oh and get a ruthless Secondary Coach. Are George Atkinson and Lester Hayes still available???

  3. Leonard Williams doesn’t fit the mold of a DE for Gunther. If he got traded to the Raiders, then he’d switch to DT in our 4-3 defense cmon now

  4. Williams openly voiced his hope to become a Raider back when he was at USC (and in the green room) but was off the board fairly quickly.

    Would be an excellent pick up.

  5. im surprised raiders and skins havent made any deal since allen and grudens are close,id look into dunlap and kerrigan,but dont give up any of our 2 1sts or 3 3rds

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