Look What Raiders Insider Said About Andre James Just Days Before the Release of Rodney Hudson

Maybe we shouldn’t have been completely blindsided by the Raiders decision to move on from Pro Bowl center Rodney Hudson.

Just days before Hudson was traded (and before news broke that he would be released), The Athletic’s Vic Tafur talked about Andre James and said he felt the Raiders should consider moving on from Hudson in favor of the 23 year-old backup center.

“I think it’s funny how they are making all these big changes, but to me the most obvious one is Rodney Hudson,” Tafur last week on the State Of The Nation podcast.

“I’m not saying Rodney isn’t a great player, but I think of all the young players on their team who they feel comfortable with as far as confidence that he can step in and do a good job is Andre James. They are very high on Andre James. Which makes it weird that they spend all this money on a center when they have one who is dirt cheap who they think can do the job, as well. I know he’s not the same level as Rodney Hudson, but to me that would be the much more obvious move to make if you’re trying to trim your offensive line salary cap… I think everyone on the [Raiders] staff will tell you he’s ready to start in the NFL.”

Certainly James is an immediate downgrade from Hudson, but considering Hudson didn’t want to be with the Raiders any longer, the decision to move on makes even more sense. A factor in the Raiders decision to accommodate Hudson was surely the fact that they are so high on James.

For what it’s worth, James is a restricted free agent in 2022, so he should have plenty of motivation to play well this year. A strong performance in 2021 could lead to a big payday for James much sooner than later.

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3 thoughts on “Look What Raiders Insider Said About Andre James Just Days Before the Release of Rodney Hudson

  1. I have faith in Tom cable’s evaluation of talent skills. When richie incognito came in for his tryout with RAIDERS a couple years ago it supposedly took less than 5 minutes to realize he was good to go. And I’m glad RAIDERS passed on Kyle long it probably took less than 2 minutes to realize he was a little punk….F Kyle long….and if rodney Hudson didn’t want to be part of RAIDERS nation any more then F rodney Hudson…..go RAIDERS

  2. Let me see if I got this right. Jon Gruden “chose” to restructure Carl Nassib’s contract but also “chose” to release Rodney Hudson and Gabe Jackson? Hopefully, Steve Wynn or Jeff Bezo will buy out Mark Davis and remake this into a profitable and respectable franchise again. Gruden is a FOOL.

    The #Raiders’ choices were: A) Pay DE Carl Nassib his $5.75 million guaranteed bonus today and release him, saving $3.5 million in salary. B) Keep him. Just pay him. C) Restructure and just push all of that money back. They’re going with Option C.
    12:07 PM · Mar 19, 2021

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