Louis Riddick: Cooper and Carr The “Young Dynamic Duo Of The League”

Add one of ESPN’s most-respected talent evaluators to the Derek Carr fan club, or as he put it, he’s become a “Carr groupie.” Appearing yesterday on 95.7 The Game’s Haberman and Middlekauff Show, former NFL scout and director, Louis Riddick, was candid in his optimism over Carr and rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper.

I love everything that is Derek Carr and I have since the first time I turned on his film when he was a sophomore at Fresno and then progressing through his career to last year. He just needs help like every other quarterback does. No quarterback, none, can survive without having talent around them and they are starting to give him some pieces now. I think him and Amari Cooper will be the young dynamic duo of the league this year provided they can stay healthy and they can keep Derek off his back. Those two are going to light it up. [Derek] has everything between the ears that you want. There’s no question that his arm and his feet are championship level. It’s can he tie all three phases together – his feet, his arm, and his head, along with the people he has helping. Derek Carr is special. I think we’ll see that sooner rather than later.

Riddick’s analysis of Carr comes on the heels of an ESPN Insider survey that reached a similar conclusion – if the Raiders can add talent around Carr, the best is yet to come.