Mark Davis’ Failed Relocation Efforts Could Cost Raiders A Trip To The Super Bowl

Mark Davis has finally stooped to compromising the Raiders’ chances at a Super Bowl.

On Wednesday, the league announced the Raiders will lose another home game to Mexico City in 2017 – this time a matchup with the AFC champion New England Patriots.

It’s no secret Davis has been bending over backwards to please owners in an effort to gain support for his relocation bid. He is also at bitter odds with all things Oakland. This has led to, among other things, welcoming international “home” games in what will now be three of the past four seasons.

With the Mexico City news, the Raiders will lose home-field advantage in 2017 to the only team in the AFC team with a better 2016 record.

Assuming the Raiders are near the top of the AFC again next season, the game in Mexico could have major playoff implications and could be the difference between facing the Patriots at home or on the road in the playoffs.

For context, can you imagine the Colts giving up a regular season home game during their decade-long rivalry with the Patriots? No chance. Home field met everything in that rivalry and no team wants to travel to Foxboro in January.

Given the timing of the Mexico City announcement – less than 48 hours after the Las Vegas relocation collapse – the lost home game is another egg in the face of Mark Davis and his business associates.

Credit to Davis for being at the wheel during the Raiders resurrection on the field, but it doesn’t take a wild imagination to see how his latest failed business maneuver could cost the team an opportunity at a Super Bowl.

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7 thoughts on “Mark Davis’ Failed Relocation Efforts Could Cost Raiders A Trip To The Super Bowl

  1. Amazing. This game was scheduled several months ago. The pay is the reason. Most of the bad press is coming out of Oakland. I agree fans should be upset, and I am, but TRUE Raider fans don’t say what is being said.

  2. What a stupid point. The only reason the Raiders are in SB contention is because of Davis’ smart decisions with the team.

    They won the game in Mexico City and played amazingly well on the road this past season so how, exactly, is this going to possibly cost an SB berth? It’s not a Pats home game. In fact, the MC game was practically a home game against a team(Houston) that you’d think would get better regional support.

  3. its not like the Raiders are a juggernaut in the Coliseum, they were actually more successful on the road last year and Azteca Stadium is overwhelmingly pro Raiders. Bay Area fans miss a Monday night opportunity to bask in but either they can beat the Patriots or they cannot.

  4. F##king Patriots! They always seem to get their way, those arrogant, cheating, Trump-supporting a’holes! I’ll be celebrating for days once their dynasty comes crashing down!!

  5. I am sick of having to pay for the two preseason games and 8 home games minus when I only get to go to 7. It is not far for the season ticket holder to be charged for home games that are not at home. And to add to the latest developments between our President and Mexico why would the NFL or any team want to go play ion Mexico. The players union should step in and fight putting players , families and fans at a great security risk.

    But back to my original complaint I should not have to pay for a home game that will not be played in Oakland. They even double my season tickets this year, and I am mow forced to loose a home game gain this year. I thought they rotated this game between all NFL teams?

    Please let me know how do I fight back and get a refund for at least 1 game?

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