Mark Schlereth: The Raiders Are “Starting To Figure It Out”

Mark Schlereth will never be mistaken for a Raiders fan. Yes, the former Broncos (and Redskins) offensive lineman admittedly hates the Raiders. But in a recent Sirius XM Bleacher Report Radio segment, Schlereth said he believes the worst of times in Oakland may be coming to an end – and not because the Raiders could soon be skipping town.

What they’ve done the last two or three years in the draft and some of the players that they have acquired, to me it looks like they’re starting to figure it out. I’m not saying they’re going to compete for a playoff spot, but I am saying I think Carr is going to be legit. Amari Cooper by all accounts, I haven’t seen him play yet, but they say he’s legit. I love what they did last year in the draft. Khalil Mack was phenomenal. They seem to be on the right track.

Schlereth’s outlook on the Raiders may be relatively new, but he’s long been a fan of Derek Carr.

After 12 years of losing (or without a winning season), wouldn’t it be a real treat if he was right?