Marquette King Still Talking That Noise On Social Media

Marquette King is no longer with the Raiders, but you don’t have to look far to find him. Between his new home in the AFC West and his ever-present status on social media, King may be out of sight, but he certainly isn’t out of mind.

On Saturday, King complemented Raider fans in Denver, but also dropped some his familiar trash talk.

With all due respect to punters and Marquette King (who is among the best of the punters), field position trash talk has to be some of the weakest in the business.

Coffin corner kicks aren’t going to keep Jon Gruden awake at night and they definitely aren’t causing Bruce Irvin to lose any sleep.

Irvin, though, might be up with excitement before meeting his old punter again. Who doesn’t remember these tweets directed at King in April?

For what it’s worth, King will face his former team for the first time in Denver on September 16 – the second week of the season.

Better tighten that chin strap, King.

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10 thoughts on “Marquette King Still Talking That Noise On Social Media

  1. Never cared how well he could kick because he’s such an *** on the field. Al Davis would have fired his *** too! ‘Ima kill y’all in field position!’ What an *** clown! Look what dumb *** john ‘horse head’ elway has finally found the right sized *** to complete the mule. Ha ha what asses… like there’s a ranch full of asses in Denver now! Ha ha ‘f’n dumb-*** donkey head and donkey ***! I wonder if Marquette king and John elway are going out together on halloween…there going to dress up as a donkey… du,du,duh. They’ll probably trade positions just to be fair since they both have extremely large *** like teeth in the front of their respective grills…Ha f’n Ha… f mk & je.. oh,oh one more… what do you get when you cross Marquette king with John elway?……… I don’t know either but it kinda looks like a horse with really big teeth tho’

  2. Sure he will be punting a lot on Sundays. Denver is garbage. Vance Joseph will be the toughest opponent Denver will face all year. And when he goes, horse face will be pulling the cart carrying him out of town. Raiders won’t have to beat them. Elway is busy doing that by playing GM lol. Elway could throw a football with hooves and that’s where his talent stops

  3. I hope this dumb *** is able to back up his threat. Maybe 10 times in the first game. Because of all the people trying to make threats, a punter has to be at the bottom of the totem pole. All it means if he’s continuously able to succeed is that they’re not moving the ball themselves. Definitely not scoring.
    Wooooo Marquette. You got us shaking in our cleats!!!

  4. He will get a good kick, pin the Raiders inside the twenty, and then get a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike penalty for his celebration. It will happen. He is so stupid he can’t help himself.

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