Marshawn Lynch Running On The Field To Defend Marcus Peters Was Not A Good Look

Marshawn Lynch has always been one to do unusual things, but he may have outdone himself.

When Derek Carr took a late hit from Chiefs cornerback (and Oakland native) Marcus Peters, the entire Raiders offensive line ran to Carr’s defense. Peters looked like he was in trouble except for the part where, you know, he was wearing full pads and a helmet.

Nevertheless, Lynch came flying off the bench to help Peters away from the situation (grabbing an official in the process).

Maybe he was just trying to save Peters from a penalty (which would be odd seeing how Peters plays for the Chiefs), but teammates suggested otherwise after the game.

“He was sticking up for his cousin,” Donald Penn told reporters after the game. “They’re that close.”

Strange, to say the least.

Especially considering Peters had just popped a defenseless Carr who happened to be only three weeks removed from suffering multiple fractures in his back.

Maybe Lynch will offer a version of the sequence that comes across a little better, but until he does, it’s a little unsettling.

And that’s not even taking into account the 15-yard penalty assessed to Lynch that stalled the Raiders drive.

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8 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch Running On The Field To Defend Marcus Peters Was Not A Good Look

  1. Thought i saw lynch give Peters a little shove as well. Maybe to get him out of harms way idk. Our whole o-line was rushing him. I’ll look at this as breaking up a fight unless more FACTS come out. Let’s not disrespect/throw our players under the bus; we’re not out there on the field and the team doesn’t seem too bothered other than the fact he was ejected.

  2. Marshawn was trying to de escalate the situation. When The Raiders signed Lynch they knew what they were getting. I don’t see what he did as a bad thing besides the fact that he ran off from the bench and cost his team 15 yards and their starting rb. Stop trying to turn this into a story.

    1. I’m not a hater of Lynch, and I get that Peters is family to him, BUT, Peters plays for the Chiefs and Lynch plays for the Raiders, so during the game, they should be enemies. You don’t run out onto the field to protect your buddy who plays for the opposing team. That’s just dumb.
      Sorry Lynch, the Raiders are a family. I get that you are all about Oakland, and your family which includes Peters, but if you’re wearing the silver and black, the Raiders should **** well be family too.
      Get on board, or get out of our way.

  3. Lynch is useless non flag standing piece of crap suspend him the whole year . He is not there to help the Rsiders

  4. What else does Derrick Carr have to do ? Playing with a broken back is not enough !!! Lynch should be benched for his actions . You don’t ever run on the field to protect an opponent’s player especially when that person tried to hurt your QB. I don’t care who he is !! Cousin , brother , fellow street thug !!! This guy is to much . Lynch is not worth the headache . He is playing solely for a paycheck and not for anything else . Not a team guy .

  5. Oh please!!!! I’ve been a raider fan for 33 years and Lynch is a piece of garbage our team didn’t need. We were cohesive and played as one all last year. He comes in and Sisyphus *** down to eat a banana during our anthem and plays games because he doesn’t care about our team.
    He was clearly defending the jerk Peters. Peters has said so. I’ll fun and games for him while us fans who have waited years for this opportunity.

  6. He left the bench to defend a player on the other team (his cousin but still) from being ‘pushed’ around after a late puck *** hit on his quarterback that just broke his back two weeks ago. Plus got a 15 yard against his team and will likely be suspended. He is NOT A RAIDER. No wonder he left the locker room. Dance that away punk.

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