Marshawn Lynch Stands To Lose More Than Just A Football Check If He Doesn’t Play Next Year

There’s a big decision coming down the pike on Marshawn Lynch. The Raiders want to know that Lynch will be fully committed if they bring him back and Lynch seems to be mulling his options as well.

As always, there will be a lot to consider with Lynch, but The Athletic’s Vic Tafur brought up an interesting point on Tuesday.

One of the factors Lynch will have to consider should he decide against returning will be the impact it would have on his local business interests.

The more relevant Lynch is on the field, the better his brands will perform off the field.

Lynch’s decision may not come down to money, but if he doesn’t play football next year, he stands to lose a lot more than just a paycheck from the Raiders.

The date to keep an eye on comes in less than two weeks. The Raiders owe Marshawn $1 million if he’s still on the roster as of March 18.

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14 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch Stands To Lose More Than Just A Football Check If He Doesn’t Play Next Year

    1. Raiders moving to Vegas was that selfish? This is a business for those who own and play the game. As fans we must understand it’s not personal !

    2. Jack Del Rio, What’s fantastic is your statement! Please tell us all just how lynch is holding ANYONE hostage? They can and WILL cut him WHENEVER they think he’s not useful to them anymore! They’ll throw him out just like we do with our trash. SMH

    3. He is a cancer that Gruden will get rid of absolutely. He has to do it a certain way doe.

  1. Most owners have the right to cut players anytime they want. Salary cap reasons is the usual excuse.

    So now M. Lynch actually has a say on whether he wants to play or not. Why must he be called an A hole?

    Man performed and has every right to live his life.

    Raider Nation appreciated his effort last year. OC was a mess last year. Offense paid dearly for that hiring.

    Hopefully he comes back to finish what Oaktown wants to see. If he doesnt, tha k you for a great career and being able to see you in the silver and black.

    1. Hopefully they cut this trash. Has a big ego and is a clown. Eating a 🍌 on the sideline. We should trade him for a bag of Skittles doe. He isn’t the same beastmode and is nothing but a distraction. Time to move onto a future feature back!!!

  2. I like marshawn but unless he significantly reduces his pay he’s not worth it. I still don’t like how he tried to defend Marcus Peters after that late hit on Carr and got himself kicked out of the game. Was very selfish, he played better when the season was pretty much over for us anyway so if we can get a better player he’s not worth the aggravation. If we keep him I’ll support him but unless it’s under 3 mill cap, we should trade or cut him.

    1. My thing is if we let him go it frees up 6M in cap space.. We do got 2 other Backs and possibly Elijah Hood who we drafted so its not a huge loss if hes not back with us this coming season

    2. If you really knew what you were talking about, you would know that Lynch was averaging around 10 carries a game the first half of the season. That is why his production was low and then had an uptick. It had nothing to do with his effort or the opponents. He got the ball more. He got into a rhythm. And he produced.

      He could have had a 1200 yd season if:
      a) they gave him the ball more consistently
      b) they used play action so he wasn’t running into 8 and 9 man fronts
      c) they kept the power blocking schemes from the year before that used the strengths of the line
      d) they had a better mix of runs (run behind the 3 All-Pros on the left side more often rather than always trying to fool the opponents by running behind the weaker right side of the line)

      He’ll never be your clean-cut, all-American player. But he will always produce when healthy and used correctly.

  3. Sign him & get him t ball while running down hill 1 on 1 vs a CB all year long !!! BEASTMODE

  4. Bring Marshall back. He is exactly the type of running back to raiders need to move forward. I hope that sometype of agreement can be made so that he can return another year under a better OC…

  5. Beastmode Beastmode he was really the only spark we had on offense last year dealing with all the injuries that happen. Raiders need to bring him back and activate Beastmode he needs more touches to open up the passing attack.

  6. Marshawn Lynch is a pos! Get rid of this disease to the Raiders lockeroom. Time to move on from Loser mode.

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