Mayock: Damon Arnette Needs to “Apply Himself Religiously” in the Offseason

The Raiders took some criticism when they drafted Damon Arnette in the first round of last year’s draft, and to this point Arnette hasn’t exactly silenced the critics.

In fact, one of his newest constructive critics, is the General Manager who drafted him.

“I think it’s a huge offseason for Damon,” Raiders GM Mike Mayock told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “What he needs is the consistency of nutrition, a weight room and a workout regimen. And he needs to apply himself religiously. We have no problems with his quickness, with his ability to cover and his innate competitiveness. It’s the other things. Because when things come easy to you, you don’t always work on the other things. And now Damon really has to focus on the weight room, the nutrition and the daily regimen of getting himself ready for camp.”

Based on Mayock’s statement, it’s safe to say that the team doesn’t feel like Arnette brought the work ethic to the NFL that they were hoping for – at least in terms of discipline and preparation. To his credit, Arnette proved to be one of the toughest players on the roster this year. He put his body on the line and played through a number of injuries. But it definitely sounds like his work ethic needs to improve outside of practices and game days.

If all goes as planned, with a relatively normal offseason (as opposed to the complicated COVID-19 offseason of a year ago), Arnette will return in 2021 ready to play cornerback the way the Raiders drafted him to do it. If not, he’ll be a year closer to becoming the bust so many said he would be a year ago.

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2 thoughts on “Mayock: Damon Arnette Needs to “Apply Himself Religiously” in the Offseason

  1. A lot of the raiders need to get more dedicated to they’re craft especially Trent ez out Brown I personally believe accountabilities hv to increase throughout the team,starting with not as good as I thought Jon Gruden, not a bad coach, it’s that “but” thing , you feel me. Gotta do better period.

  2. Mayock and gruden have been reaching bad and in the early rounds were you can’t afford to miss or reach. Mayock makes me laugh cause arnete can’t cover and he most definitely can’t properly tackle. He keeps leading with his head and lowering his head. You can’t hit what you can’t see. He does have toughness and emotion but he needs to learn his assignments. I don’t know who is worse in coverage Abram or arnette. Please quit reaching. Abram arnette and Ferrell were more than head scratchers not to mention the dumb draft pick of Bowden Jr. And quit drafting guys who played one position there whole lives and then put them in a different postion like muse from safety to linebacker. Quit doing this stupid ****. I’m surprised I haven’t died from heartache and being upset the last 35 years as a raiders fan.

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