Mayock: Raiders Excited About Trent Brown But Have to Get a “More Consistent Player”

The Raiders will look to create more salary cap room over of the next couple of months (currently they project to be over the cap in 2021) and among the players that could potentially be cut, it has been Trent Brown that is garnering the most attention.

Brown is set to make $14 million in 2021, but unless he can get on the field, he won’t be worth that kind of cost going forward. To this point in his time with the Raiders, Brown has played in only 16 of 32 games – which is nowhere near enough games to justify a top of the market contract.

Raiders’ GM Mike Mayock has been talking to reporters this week from the Senior Bowl in Alabama, and he was asked by the Las Vegas Review Journal‘s Vinny Bonsignore about Brown’s contract status going into next year.

“He’s under contract and when he’s healthy he’s dominant,” Mayock said of Brown. “You’ve got to juxtapose that with his inability to play, week to week, over a two-year period. We’re excited about the player, but we’ve got to get a more consistent player. And obviously, we’re talking about everything right now. We think he’s the best right tackle in the league when healthy.”

It’s worth noting that those words from Mayock don’t necessarily mean Brown will be cut. It’s possible (albeit a little odd) that the “more consistent player” Mayock is talking about his Brown himself. And for what it’s worth, The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur wrote this week that he thinks the Raiders are leaning toward keeping Brown… so maybe don’t rule out (or in) anything just yet.

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3 thoughts on “Mayock: Raiders Excited About Trent Brown But Have to Get a “More Consistent Player”

  1. They would be insane to bring him back. Move Miller to right tackle and bring in Trent Williams for left tackle. Get Simpson ready start left guard beside TW and Denzelle Goode at right guard replacing Gabe. Now you have four dawgs to match up with Rodney HudsonTrent Brown is no where as good as Trent Willians for the same or slightly less money. We need extra dollars to get Leonard Williams, Justin Simmons, and Von Miller…that’s all folks!

  2. Again Mayock matters zero percent when it comes to making decisions. Gruden decides who comes and goes and it was Gruden that made mistake (one of many) bringing Brown here and making him highest paid lineman.

    Clearly Mayock is lacking in assessing abilities as Brown is not Dominant when on field. His 1st season he wasnt ranked 1st or 2nd best lineman on his team let alone league but was paid as such.

    I hate most articles here as they fail to report accurately, honestly, or include content that fans need and want to read.

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