Mel Kiper Mock Draft Has the Raiders Taking Two Oklahoma Sooners in Round One

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper dropped his first mock draft this week and the Raiders walked away with a pair of Oklahoma Sooners that probably won’t disappoint many Raider fans.

With pick 12, Kiper has the Raiders taking wide receiver CeeDee Lamb (just as NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah did) and with pick 19, Kiper has the Raiders drafting linebacker Kenneth Murray.

Once again, a mock has the Raiders on the clock at pick 12 with all the receivers still on the board. It’s still early in the process, but the way things are looking, the Raiders might fall into a perfect opportunity at pick 12, especially if they have one receiver graded significantly above the others.

As for pick 19, it looks like the Raiders again might fall into a great position, but this time to take the top linebacker on their board depending on whether they consider Clemson LB/S Isaiah Simmons more of a linebacker or a safety (he’ll be gone well before pick 19).

If Mike Mayock and the gang don’t love a linebacker (or cornerback as some have them considering here), pick 19 might be the perfect position to trade down and add a second-round pick – because as of now they don’t have a pick in round two.

It’s certainly possible a team will want to jump up and grab a wide receiver at pick 19… maybe someone like Henry Ruggs III? Or maybe the Raiders should just snag Ruggs themselves.

Two first-round receivers?

Who says no?

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6 thoughts on “Mel Kiper Mock Draft Has the Raiders Taking Two Oklahoma Sooners in Round One

  1. I pay attention to Mel Kyper’s mock drafts only to see how wrong he is when the real draft happens. Over the years Kyper has impressed me as a person who lives in a house full of mirrors and speakers, because he loves to see nad hear himself speak. Especially since no other sane person is actually paying attention…

  2. Do Mel Kiper’s picks presuppose the Raiders do nothing in free agency to upgrade their WR or LB positions or are these picks just ignoring that part of the off season process completely?

  3. Why not, didn’t they take Lechler and SeaBass in the 1st back some time ago? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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