Mel Kiper’s Bold Offseason Raiders Prediction Isn’t Looking so Crazy Anymore

It was laughed off at the time, but ESPN’s Mel Kiper made a prediction before the season that no one is laughing about now.

Asked about the Raiders’ draft class, Kiper said the young players, in addition to key free agent signings, would “propel [the Raiders] to the AFC West title this year.” Todd McShay, ESPN’s other notable draft analyst, laughed at the suggestion, but it was clear Kiper wasn’t joking.

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RaiderNation remember when @MelKiperESPN said this about the Raiders season last spring. I know @gorillarilla remembers.

With the most difficult portion of their schedule in the rear view, the Raiders (6-4) only need to close out the season with a 4-2 record to finish with 10 wins. The six games remaining are the Jets, Chiefs, Titans, Jaguars, Chargers, and Broncos – only one of  which has a winning record.

Beating the Chiefs in Kansas City would give the Raiders a real shot at winning the division, but a 10-6 record, even with a loss to KC, would surely be enough to earn a wild card. For what it’s worth, nine wins might even be enough depending on the tiebreakers. Remember, the Raiders own the head-to-head tiebreaker with Indianapolis (6-4) and if they beat Tennessee (5-5) in three weeks they would hold that tiebreaker, as well.

Most important right now, though, is Sunday’s road game against the Jets, who are playing better with Sam Darnold back in the fold. If Jon Gruden and company can win in New York, the playoff talk around the Raiders will rightfully get serious in a hurry… and Kiper will look like a genius.

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16 thoughts on “Mel Kiper’s Bold Offseason Raiders Prediction Isn’t Looking so Crazy Anymore

  1. Kiper could predict the final teams and score of the next 5 superbowls and still wouldn’t look like a genius.

  2. I been a raider fan since ken stabler took us to the promise land we need to get back to haveing teams fear the silver and black again and take one more for oakland before we move to vegas black hole for life baby im out g money.

  3. RAIDERS have a great chance for a winning season so just take it one game at a time

  4. Been all in on Gruden since day one Fu** Mack and Cooper they didn’t wanna be there now we got 2 guys young as hell with more sacks than him. No Kiper isn’t a genius just a believer RN4L

  5. Mel just knew that Mike helped the Raiders choose the best picks for Mr Gruden and his staff to bring back the Silver&Black ATTACK and “Commitment to Excellence” GO RAIDERS!

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