Mike Mayock Essentially Told NFL Network He’s On The Hot Seat With The Raiders

Raiders general manager Mike Mayock has never been one to mince words and on Friday he was candid about his own job security with the Raiders.

“If we don’t win more games I’m probably going to be back there sitting next to you,” Mayock told NFL Network’s Rich Eisen. “I’m not big on the elephant in the room, Rich. I’m 63 and I’m pretty pragmatic and I knew what I was getting into. I’ve been a football person my whole and at the end of the day you either win enough games or you don’t. And for me I think we’re getting to a critical juncture. We’ve got to win some games.”

Rich Eisen Show on Twitter: “”I’m not big on the elephant in the room.”#RaiderNation GM @MikeMayock told us he knows the pressure is on heading into the 2021 #NFL season: pic.twitter.com/WDZlpm1fwQ / Twitter”

“I’m not big on the elephant in the room.”#RaiderNation GM @MikeMayock told us he knows the pressure is on heading into the 2021 #NFL season: pic.twitter.com/WDZlpm1fwQ

Mayock deserves credit for not pretending that the Raiders have been something other than what they have been. The third-year GM has missed on a few picks, but he certainly doesn’t deserve all the blame for the way some of his draft picks have turned out. Mayock joined the Raiders after Jon Gruden had already established a coaching staff and more than a few defensive players have left the Raiders talking about how inept the coaches have been on the defensive side of the ball.

If things don’t improve in the win column, Mayock may be the first to go, but the greater failure probably goes above him. Nevertheless, the Raiders have a young core of players and should be as competitive as they have been since 2016… when they had Khalil Mack.

As an aside, Mayock was not with the Raiders when Mack was sent to the Bears for barely more than a first-round pick in exchange (remember, the Raiders traded away a high second-round pick in the Mack deal).

Mayock was around, however, when the Raiders drafted Damon Arnette with one of the picks received in the Mack trade.

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15 thoughts on “Mike Mayock Essentially Told NFL Network He’s On The Hot Seat With The Raiders

  1. Mayock is scapegoat but not the culpable person that should be and should have been fired before now – Gruden. Mayock is n has not been a GM n has no authority or say-so in decision-making.

    Tired of you people publishing things that suggest that Mayock is anything other than a strawman, a GM on paper only. It is known but when you print things like this delusional fans also take on these falsities n post them on social media sites.

    If Raiders do anything short of winning title Gruden n Mayock should be gone n so should Mark Davis. Fans should make a stand n protest n without our support Davis has s**t.

  2. The responsibility is all on Gruden. He kept Guenther at least one year too long. Marinelli was on board beginning 2020, and would have created a better environment for young players. Hiring your old buddies is just flat out poor management, and not cutting them loose when it is evident to everyone in the universe it ain’t working, compounds the fallout.

    1. I totally agree,the DC was kept way to long. I love the offense but that defense has been horrible.

  3. Mayor deserves much of the blame reaching on picks the “entire world” were scratching their heads over time and time again, learn from your mistakes idiot and stop acting like some kind of svengali !!! Yes the former defensive coordinator has culpability, but with picks like those to work with they’ll still be issues. Getting to the debacle of offense, decimating an offensive line that’s basically been the stalwart of the team and keeping an inept quarterback who truly hasn’t been effective at winning since before he broke his leg is beyond me, stats don’t equal wins and if you weren’t happy with Mariota as a starter then you should have at least been attempting to draft a quarterback besides addressing the defensive needs, uneffing real!!!!! I see improvement on the defensive side of the ball, but I see offense as taking a step backwards and to me that is going to end up with the same results as last year another no playoff appearance and many embarrassing moments getting to the golf course…tired of suffering through season after season of losing and if I’m wrong I’ll eat my Raiders autographed super bowl hat without salt!!!!

      1. Yes **** you very much too idiot, you by chance don’t live in New York so I can’t beat your empty skull in ?

      2. I’m an idiot you moron, why because I criticize the offense you covet so much, why do you love them? State reasons knucklehead! You love the stats Derek put up on short yardage situations that hardly added up to points? You love how nearly every time they were 3rd and short Derek would throw an incomplete pass and have to punt, or he slid short of a 1st down by inches because he didn’t want to get hit with the same result? How about Derek’s inability to see wide open receivers or when he does he over or under throws the ball by 5 yards or more, love that moron?

          1. Thanks for your honest opinion Leo, I truly wish I am not, just tired of watching this team lose and they got away with an ugly win, but still it gets us even with the rest of the AFC west! Raider Nation!!!!

    1. Then go be a Chiefs fan! U are clearly no longer a Raider fan and obviously don’t know anything about football.

      1. Yeah how many times have you seen the Raiders in person? I’ve been to Oakland twice from New York and seen them numerous on the east coast!How many drafts did you attend? I’ve been to two, including when they drafted Woodson! How many Raiders games have you missed, I’ve missed only enough to count on one hand since 1995 when I started watching them and it usually involved a wedding, funeral or baptism!! You? So go **** yourself, I’m entitled to my opinion because I’ve been there every step of the way and watched nearly every game!! Though they won last night and showed some guts, had a lot of luck and got an ugly W doesn’t mean they are an elite team and in “my opinion” they’ll have their hands full against the Steelers on Sunday, we’ll see who’s accurate in December!!!!

  4. These are good points and no one can say Mike does does not work hard. It has been harder to figure out talent in a pandemic but it is a bottom line business.

  5. So, any thoughts on who will be Jon Gruden’s fall guy next year? Another tv analyst perhaps? Maybe Mel Kiper Jr. Given Mike Mayock’s “credentials,” surely Mel Kiper is qualified too.

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