Mike Mayock Revealed How Far the Raiders Were Willing to Trade Back From Pick 19

Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have both said the Raiders didn’t “reach” when they drafted Damon Arnette with the no. 19 overall pick.

Mayock said after the draft that he understood the Raiders could have probably traded down and still gotten Arnette, but wasn’t willing to trade back too far. On Wednesday, Mayock was a guest on SiriusXM Radio’s Movin’ the Chains on Wednesday and said the Raiders were willing to trade back from pick 19, but no very far.

“We didn’t think we reached,” Mayock said of Arnette. “If we could have moved down comfortably five, six, seven spots, we might have. But we weren’t going down much beyond that.”

For what it’s worth, it sounds like Mayock didn’t want to move down past Houston at pick 26. The Texans, Dolphins, and Vikings all drafted at the end of the first round and the Raiders obviously felt one of those teams may have liked Arnette (as all three were in need of a cornerback).

Whether or not any of them really did want Arnette in round one, we might not ever know. But we do know the Vikings were at least sniffing around…

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Damon Arnette at 19 feels like a reach. Several sources indicated to me that Vikings coaches loved him, but he was widely considered a cornerback with a Day 2 grade.

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15 thoughts on “Mike Mayock Revealed How Far the Raiders Were Willing to Trade Back From Pick 19

  1. Well it doesn’t matter now what the thought process was. I still believe we could have gotten Arnette later in the round and grabbed a second Rd pick from several teams that we could have used to draft Jalen Hurts. We are going to wish we had done that in a couple years. And I also believe that we should have taken a big back to help Jacobs. Maybe Bowden helps out there some but he is not all that big either. We did get more athletic though. Needed to do that to compete

    1. Hurts is not a pro style qb and is not smart enough to master jon Grudens offense. So educate yourself first before you talk like that.

    2. Yeah but you believe that based on … what? You weren’t on the phone for the Raiders. You don’t know what was offered, or not offered, by any of the teams. The easiest thing in the world to say it “We should have traded down and grabbed a second-rounder.” But you have to have an offer on the table to do that.

    3. Try to find mayocks recent interview with Rich Eisen. Mayock says that one of the guys we drafted in round 3 will be playing running back. Strange cause i thought we drafted WRs in round 3.

      1. They already listed Lynn Bowden as a RB. He’s at 204 pounds tight now, can get to 210 by season’s start.

        Good enough for a do-it-all backup RB / WR / PR / KR / wildcat QB

  2. I believe the Raiders (we) did a wonderful job upgrading the team speed and drafting all the needs on both sides of the ball… That’s including free agency.. Never assume your guy will be there later you’ve got to move up and get your guy if necessary… Trading back don’t GUARANTEE getting your guy.. The draft took care of a lot of holes that the team needed… The offense needed to improve a whole lot to help the defense… That’s why the end of last year went down the drain with too many 3& outs and turnovers and I’ll add in play calling and QB play

  3. And of course you could have made this all happen if you were GM. No one was offering a 2nd for 19. They weren’t even offering a 2nd for 12. It’s funny how all you armchair GMs live in your perfect little worlds were everything falls into place. That’s not how it works in the real world.

  4. They managed to whiff on jones, bradberry, and slay, and THAT is what why they werent as flexible with those 2 picks as they could have been. Only without the still-looming db need on draft day could the team comfortably trade back for a 2nd rounder unless there were more to pick from that met their draft standards in the latter part of round 1 or early in round 2. Personally, i thought the kid from LSU looked good but something bumped his stock down a little and he went later.

  5. I think Mayock knows better than most who he wanted. I’m sure some idiot will say he shouldve taded back for some stupid pick like Jalen Hurts but that’s the crack talking.

  6. My thought is we should’ve took Jordan Love with the 19th pick. I also believe Arnette would’ve been there for us to take as far as the 3rd round. Once again I believe we missed out on a future hall of fame quarterback, when I thought we should’ve took Brett Farve who was there for us in round#4. Even if we didn’t get Arnette there were other cornerback just as good or not better.

  7. I agree, gotta really be head smart in this offensive scheme. Big athletic mobile QBs all get hurt, banged up, and slowed down in the NFL.

  8. Still gotta draft a 1st round MLB to lead and solidify this defense b4 we think about moving on from Carr. Let’s see what Carr can do with some more weapons this yr………

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