Miko Grimes Got Her Derek Carr Story From A Fan Who Hates Derek Carr

When an NFL wife tells a story on an alleged locker room incident, you would expect the account to come from some form of a league source.

On Tuesday, Miko Grimes, the wife of Buccaneers cornerback Brent Grimes, gave an account of a racially-charged dispute inside the Raiders locker room centered around Derek Carr. Her source? No, it doesn’t appear to be her husband or any other league source.

Instead, it came from a fan. Or more accurately a “former fan” as he refers to himself on social media.

The angry dude also told Grimes that he doesn’t like Carr because he doesn’t fit the Raider culture of going out and partying the night before games. He would later add that he would like to segregate the country and Grimes pointed out how badly the white football teams would lose to the black football teams.

The conversation was about as unsavory as you’ll find anywhere. It isn’t recommended listening, but the link to the podcast (which occurred about a month ago) can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Miko Grimes Got Her Derek Carr Story From A Fan Who Hates Derek Carr

  1. Interesting. Guess that calls her story into question. But, it still sounds somewhat plausible. Since it’s not the first time this account of things has come come up in the last few weeks, it’s still worth pursuing, albeit with a better source or sources.

  2. Derek Carr is “The Quarterback” for the Raiders. Anybody in that locker room who doesn’t like it can report to Mr. Davis and ask to be traded. I think the story is BS from the beginning. The man’s Christian values are deeply respected in that locker room as attested to repeatedly by his team mates. I also think Mr. Mack might have something to say about anybody in that locker room leaving DC hanging out to dry on the field or off. This story is perpetuated by simple minded people and a less than expected season so far.

    It’d be great if this story were given the shovel full of dirt it deserves. But it won’t because simple mindedness is running rampant these days.

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