Miller: Everything I’ve Heard is Derek Carr Will Be Raiders QB in 2020

If you are already tired of reports on Derek Carr’s status with the Raiders… sorry, there are still hundreds more to come between now and the draft.

The latest comes from a league insider who covers the draft and offered his thoughts on what the Raiders might do with their two first-round picks and their Pro Bowl quarterback.

“The Raiders have two selections in Round 1 and will go defense and wide receiver,” Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller wrote on Friday. “The belief is that the team will go linebacker or wide receiver first and then circle back with a cornerback or wide receiver with the pick from Chicago. GM Mike Mayock had a great first draft in 2019, so it’ll be fun to watch the Raiders’ evaluation this year. Everything I’ve heard says quarterback Derek Carr is safe for 2020.”

One of the issues for anyone wanting to replace Carr next season will be that there aren’t many great options. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is going to the Bengals no. 1 overall and there aren’t many rookie quarterbacks to feel good about after that – if there are any.

Gruden might be interested in a veteran QB, but none are hitting free agency that have a real chance of challenging Carr. Gruden won’t prefer to have a year in limbo at quarterback and for that reason the smart money is on Carr being the Raiders starter to begin the 2020 season in Las Vegas.

Just like the plan has always been.

As for the draft, a linebacker that can run would be a very welcome addition to the Raiders… as would a wide receiver who can do the same.

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33 thoughts on “Miller: Everything I’ve Heard is Derek Carr Will Be Raiders QB in 2020

    1. If that is the case it is due 2 Gruden’s offensive play calling not Carr. If u believe in so called genius Gruden then would u not think that if Carr had an issue of doing what u accuse him of doing with check downs, indecisions, n throw aways Gruden would have made sure he didnt do those things or got rid of him? So if Carr is what u say he is then blame rests on Gruden regardless it rests with Gruden so direct ur criticism accordingly

      1. Very good point. Also, what fans/people don’t realize is that the play-book/play-calling was drastically altered when A.B. was cut & the Raiders offense really felt it. The offense was designed for A.B. to have 100+ receptions. Once you take that out of the equation, then your looking @ a totally different offense.

      2. Uh 4 and 3 and we need a play to either keep a drive going or win a game Carr throws the ball away instead of at least TRYING to make something happen like the other top tier QBs. Yes Gruden is the problem too but he can’t “IT” in Carr. You either have “IT” or you don’t ( see DeShaun Watson against us -he made a play that wasn’t there to beat us). Carr will never be able to do this and that’s not on Gruden

    2. His second time in his career that he has consecutive HC,and or OC. His best OC (MUSGRAVE). But that’s a different story. Carr put up career numbers in yrds/comp percentage. All without a true #1 receiver. Yes the D has to be priority first,then look at receiver in the draft that can create space so Carr can take it downfield. Then if Carr/Raiders don’t get a playoff spot. Then most likely look for a QB

  1. Carr isn’t the teams problem, he runs the offense the way it’s designed. While id like you see him throw the deep ball more often, it’s not Grudens style nor did he have any receivers that gave him the option. It’s a run heavy offense with short yardage passes, and honestly Carr executes the system as well as anyone who would replace him. As for replacing him with a veteran if he’s not not then I’m unsure what you’d classify him as. I too wish he wasn’t so soft, but with protection he’s an above average qb with a below average team. I’d look to go with defense in the first round and let Mayock find a wr in round 3. There’s free agency as well to shop for options. I don’t see them passing the chiefs for the top spot but with some help the playoffs are in reach. If they dump Carr I see a season of 7-9 all over again.

    1. This is the most sound assessment I’ve read. Sure, everyone wants the sexiness of a Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, but Carr is executing the offense the way Gruden wants it executed. Aside from running a little more when it’s there, he is better than Brad Johnson, who lead Gruden’s Bucs team to a SB win.
      LOAD UP ON D, and add a quality receiver or 2 and we’re good.

    1. Throw aways? His completion percentage is among highest. That comment is ignorant especially if you’ve ever watched other top qb’s.

  2. Why would Anyone Get Rid of a Top 10 QB? Especially when there is No Better Alternative Available??? Idiots just Like Drama…

    1. Well if everyone looks back to the past when gruden started years ago the raiders where already a winning team him and al had a dispute and gruden ran to tampa and took over Dungis team who was already winning and beat the raiders now look at Tampa the next year’s u dear Gruden Tampa did nothing under Grudens rebuild so what do u think is going to happen with the raiders .Gruden said we would have a winning team he guaranteed in my opinion with him saying that I think he should pay the raiders back and do his job for free because right now he has been over paid and I agree I don’t think carr is the problem he does not have enough weapons or they are none experience

  3. The problem really isn’t carr it’s the cast around him if he had a ligit wr1 he would of been a lot better off but he did a hell of a job with what he had to have 4,000 plus yards in an offense with no number 1wr just wait till he does RAIDER NATION

  4. First of all Derek Carr had a great year his passer rating was top three in the league and he had nobody to throw to + Josh Jacobs went down so please stop hating we are reading Nation love us or hate us but you’re always talking about us thank you.

    1. Passer rating don’t mean victories. Don’t get catch up in his stats. He throw short high percentage throws. Of course he stats look great but when it’s crunch time and he has to throw it down the field what happens? Brady Brees Rivers Watson Jackson on and on all have won with an ok WR crew. So let not keep making that the excuse here

    2. Wen he had the receiver the yr he got hurt an the offence was clicking then no one complained give him Crabtree an one more receiver cause cause with the tight end we should do damage

  5. We need wide receiver caliber corner backs u. Shut down addition. And if we had berfect back things would have been very different. So yes linbacker would definitely help. Wide revievers are something they need too. Lots of work but for rebuilding they on the page they need to be on. And as for the black hole coming to las vegas. Thats should be a givin. Its a black hole. They can appear any where in space. So one will definitely open up in the end zone of the new Raider nation.. We are the first NFL team in Navada. I think the fans should have a reason to be crazier than ever.

  6. Anyone who thinks the Raiders will be better in the immediate future if they get rid of a multi time pro bowl QB, is simply not thinking…(Although in the past the Raiders or the Browns would be just the type of management to do something like that).
    It is a known fact that Grudens playbook is very complex, how many seasons do you think it would take a rookie QB to master??? You think Gruden and Mayock a willing to sacrfice all the $$$cheap young talent they have for 3 more years just to get a Rookie QB up to speed in time to have to pay all these guys????
    Now for DC, being traded might be the best thing for him, he has been put in rebuild mode year after year…. Why dont you put DC in Tampa and see how long it takes for all the nay sayers to start crying “why didnt he throw it like that when he was in Oakland”, he would literally light it up in that offense…. when DC came out of College all the guy was known for was airing it out, you get him with a true #1 wr and an OC who doesn’t call a 1993 offense that is so predictable, and an OC that actually plays to win for 4 qtrs, doesnt play not to lose with a small lead in the 3rd and 4th quarter, and DC could very well be an MVP of the league.

  7. If the raiders keep Derek Carr they will lose about 50% of their fan base. Carr is a punk *** and has no business in the NFL

  8. It’s simple, Derek Carr is a top 10 quarterback in the league, period. We were banged up in the secondary all year and got behind in games we should’ve won. We need a WR that can take the top off (CeeDee Lamb) and a LB that can stop the run and passes over the middle (Kenneth Murray). We get those in play and another lb/cb in the 3rd, we will be a 11 won team next season easy. Especially with 10 games being indoors.

  9. Just watched seasons 1999 and 2000 games this week and noticed same offense .they would get in the redzone alotnd barely would get touchdowns foeld gaols and missed field goals and this is with Gannon and Gruden. The one one thing I did notice is back then when the raiders came out of halftime they scored alot of touchdowns he would adapt why he don’t now who knows but carr or gannon is the problem in the red zone is gruden lane *** play calls. But carr needs some one knows his strengths which is send someone deep once in awhile they didn’t do it with gannon either watch the games again so keep carr or it is three years of gruden ruining every QBs he has come in contact with that’s where I stand but it is time for us to get some wind raiders forever go nation and happy new years

  10. No more Carr…he is a stat padding, check down, non-play extending QB…he hasn’t won us anything and will never win us a SuperBowl..we need to move on…

  11. I agree with all the people that want to keep Carr, and disagree with the ones that don’t. I have nothing else to say because I would just be repeating with what the pro-Carr people said: in short, Carr did a good job with the receivers he had. Get a good deep threat guy, and better corners that CAN COVER SOMEONE!!!! Oh, and how bout a new Defensive Coordinator. The scheme we got now ain’t working. Our defense is a siv.

  12. I dont understand Raider fans, it wouldnt matter if the Raiders had Jerry Rice,Antonio Brown, and Michael Thomas. Derick Carr is scared to get hit and is always throwing the ball away to soon and most importantly never tries to scramble for a first down. I cant think of one game this year where we had the better quarterback.

  13. I think back to Chuckie’s first time around and Rich Gannon was running the same dunk and dunk offense. The next year, Callahan let Gannon throw it down the field more, (which everyone said he couldn’t do) they had the best offense in the league, Gannon was league MVP, and they went to the Superbowl, unfortunately to play the best defense in the league who also had our playbook.

  14. The Raiders will never win the big games with Carr because he can’t create when it’s needed. Keep on putting piece around him all you want. Eventually it comes down to making plays when there isn’t one there. He can’t do this period

  15. I have to comment on the person who said stop hating on the Raiders. I’ve been a Raider fan since 1968 and have been a fan through the good and the bad so I can say whatever I want cause I’ve seen personally what good QBing looks like. This argument that Gruden is holding him back is poppycock because he’s running a similar system to what Rich Gannon ran and he executed it with an aging Tim Brown and a cast of misfits. The difference is Gannon made plays with his feet and threw receivers open. Unlike Carr, he made things happen when the play wasn’t there. Let’s be clear I like Carr. He’s a good person and a good man. The type you want you daughter to marry but he’s just an at best above average QB. Nothing wrong with that if you just want to make the playoffs. But just like KC did if we want to go further we will need a change. Think what you want but that’s how I see it

  16. I just don’t see the owner mark Davis letting this go on any more I think they trade CARR GO ge T teddy bridge water then maybe next yr ge T move up to ge T Trevor Lawrence

  17. I kind of think it’s time for a change at QB. Carr needs a change of scenery. The problem is you can’t be one of highest paid QB’s in the league and not win. Yes, his stats are great, but has he helped make his O players around him better…no! Too many bad to awful decisions. He’s not going to win here. But ypu can’t ignore another HUGE looming problem…John Gruden stinks! Talk about bad decisions…yeesh. Has one season left (in my book) to prove the game hasn’t passed him bye.

  18. Stop blaming the QB. There is NOT one QB who can success without a DAM OFFENSE LINE! So if you can get five smart offense linemen. And give good backup you can count on moving the ball. Defense you got to have a pass rusher who demand two blocker. Linebacker who knows how to read the play. Defense back who think he the last guy before GOAL LINE and can play all along without help. That is sign of good team!

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