Report: Contract Extension For Derek Carr Could Exceed $20M Per Year

It hasn’t been a hot topic to this point, but very soon it will be. In fact, Jack Del Rio is already talking about it.

“We have a great young quarterback that we know we’re going to need to pay at some point,” Del Rio recently told NFL Total Access, referring of course to Derek Carr. “We’re in a great situation where we have a young guy who is an emerging player in this league, and we know we’re going to have to pay him big money some day.”

So how much money is ‘big’ money?

On Thursday during a segment on 95.7 The Game, former agent and current CBS Sports contributor, Joel Corry, elaborated on that question. Corry says Carr can expect to get more than $20 million per year on his next deal assuming he doesn’t “regress badly” in 2016.

In fact, $20 million might be a low estimate now that the Texans have set the market for quarterbacks without a resume at $18 million per year.

As for the timing of a new deal with Carr, could the Raiders choose to slow play negotiations? Probably not if they can help it.

“It’s always cheaper to re-sign a great player sooner rather than later,” says Corry, who added that a new deal between Carr and the Raiders would make sense between the end of the 2017 draft and the start of the 2017 season.

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8 thoughts on “Report: Contract Extension For Derek Carr Could Exceed $20M Per Year

  1. Worth every penny..not just his talent as a quarterback. Mr. Carr is a class act on and off the field. NFL needs role models like this. Young kids and players alike can learn from him. Us Raiders fans are proud lucky to have him. God Bless and stay healthy. Tip of the Spear!

  2. Sign him asap, cuz macks going to need 20 million+. Mack and carr = 45 million a year and don’t forget cooper. There’s 18 more. So for the the 3 = 63 million a year give or take a buck. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!! RAIDER NATION 4 LIFE

  3. Wow to me that is insane for a QB that hasn’t had a winning season or proved himself yet…. carr can be good but he has a long way to go… he was not efficient the second half of the season last year.. hopefully he is worth it if we pay him…

  4. Tony says Carr is the real deal….and it’s about time. How many QB’s since Gannon retired? Tony says the man.

  5. Aikman, Irvan, Emmit oh yeah Montana, Rice, Craig. Believe Carr, Mack, and Cooper will bring championships !!!!!! Fresno can be proud !!!!

  6. I love the fact that the raiders now have a great defense to complement the offense we’re going to the super bowl go raiders

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