NFL Executives Give Ridiculous Takes on the Raiders Decision to Draft Brock Bowers

There weren’t many mock drafts connecting the Raiders to Brock Bowers prior to April 25, but every indication is that GM Tom Telesco and the coaching staff were thrilled to land a [hopefully] generational tight end with the 13th-overall pick.

The Bowers pick has been applauded by draft analysts, but some NFL executive types have criticized the pick because the Raiders had more pressing needs entering the draft.

League insider Mike Sando quoted two NFL executives this week in a column for The Athletic, and both believe it was a poor decision on the Raiders part to draft a tight end at pick 13.

“I think they were stuck once Atlanta took (Michael) Penix and they were like, ‘Oh, crap, we might not get a quarterback to fall to us,’ and they scrambled and took that kid,” an exec told Sando on the Bowers selection. “He is a good player, but a luxury item. I don’t like those kinds of picks unless you have everything else.”

“Bowers is not like Dalton Kincaid where you can create separation in the normal flow of the offense,” another exec said. “You have to move him. He would be ideal in San Francisco or Miami. Whereas Kincaid is special at the top of the route, Bowers is one-cut, catch it, break three tackles and he’s gone. Hopefully, they have a good plan for him because he can do some really unique things with the ball.”

Everyone knows draft grades are meaningless, but it’s interesting to listen to the argument that too many teams draft for need, and when a team takes the highest player on the draft board… critiques like this happen.

Did the Raiders have a greater need at offensive tackle?


But if Telesco is able to find a solution at right tackle and draft a generational tight end, there won’t be any regrets.

As far as Bowers’ projection as a prospect, he was reportedly one of the top 5/6 players on nearly every NFL draft board, so one executive’s opinion against the entire league isn’t worth a lot.

There’s a reason the Rams (among other teams) were trying desperately to trade up for Bowers and Sean McVay’s endorsement carries as much weight as any offensive opinion in the league.

And just as the anonymous executive said, it won’t be so bad for the Raiders to have a player that can “make one cut, catch it, break three tackles and be gone.”

How many teams have a tight end that can do that?

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  1. Ridiculous…you said ? You’re are very kind.. they are idiotic, insane and…if they are football executives, the owner(s) who hired them shoud go see a psychiatrist… A BAD CHOICE who should have been drafted in top 5. Dont’ you ever heard about Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez ?

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